Artificial Noise Intros Cimmerian Caves V2 Echo / Chorus / Vibrato + Fuzz Effecct

Artificial Noise has introduced Cimmerian Caves V2, an updated version of their Echo/Vibrato/Chorus + Fuzz effects unit.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

When the poet Homer talked of Cimmeria, he called it the land of fog and darkness at the edge of Hades. Artificial Noise took those words as inspiration for the original Cimmerian Cave effects unit and now the Cimmerian Caves is back! Streamlined and with subtle but important circuit improvements, the Cimmerian Caves V2 gives you the same warm, warbly echo, chorus, vibrato and fuzz as the original but with a more affordable price and a more compact design.

Consisting of a tape-like Echo unit (approx. 925ms max delay time) which, depending on the setting can also be used as Vibrato or Chorus. Along with the Echo effect there is also a thick and woolly Fuzz/distortion. Highly tweak-able with 8 knobs, Cimmerian Caves is a hybrid of analog and digital circuitry. Utilizing a digital delay to get a nice long echo (nearly one full second), with the remaining circuitry all analog, including the Low-Pass filters, modulations and fuzz to create a strange, otherworldly sounding effect.

The Cimmerian Caves V2 offers standard 1/4″ line level inputs and outputs, but also has 1/8″ I/O for modular connectivity. These allow for ‘hotter’ Eurorack signals to be used, lowering the input to avoid distortion and raising the output level back to the hotter modular signal.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Cimmerian Caves V2 is available now for pre-order for US $249.

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