Cosmic Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Alex Ball, captures a video song style synth jam, featuring the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine.

Here’s what Ball has to say about it:

The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks is an overlooked unit, perhaps because of the Linn, Roland and Oberheim classics that came first, or perhaps because Sequential are so famous for their legendary synthesizers. Either way, it has a very punchy sound and reminds me of the DMX and LinnDrum.

I was interested to see that Tame Impala had made use of one on the Currents album and combined with the “May peace prevail on earth” message on the circuit board; I thought I’d try some space pop rather than something 80s.

Technical details:

Drums: Sequential Drumtraks (1984) and PastToFuture Drums
Bass Guitar: Fender Jazz Bass / Orange OB1-300 / DBX 266XL
Electric Guitar: Squier Jagmaster (1998) / Blue Junior II / Vox Wah / Ibanez Tubescreamer / Boss CE-2 Chorus / SM57
Acoustic Guitar: Alvarez Baritone / AKG C414
Bass Synth: Sequential Circuits Pro-One (1981)
Polys: Roland Juno-6 (1982) / DSI Prophet REV2 (2017)
Dirty Synth: Korg MS mark I (1978)
Electric Piano: Rhodes Mark I Seventy-Three (mid 70s)
Vocals recorded with an AKG C414
Harp: GForce Mtron Pro
TamTam & Cymbals: Spitfire Joby Burgess Percussion

Plugins: Waves, Goodhertz, U-he, Past To Future reverbs, T-racks
Sequencer: Cubase 9.5

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