New meeblip cubit One-To-Four MIDI Splitter

meeblip has introduced the cubit MIDI Splitter – a utility box that lets you send MIDI messages from one input to four outputs.

It’s powered from a computer USB port (cable included) or from an optional 5V power adapter for stand-alone use.


  • Passes all data from the MIDI IN to four MIDI OUT jacks
  • Ultra-low latency hardware MIDI pass-through
  • Runs on 5V Power from a computer USB port or optional USB power adapter
  • Opto-isolated MIDI IN to reduce ground loops
  • Individual active signal processing for each MIDI OUT
  • Bright green MIDI data indicator LED flashes when you’re receiving MIDI
  • Measures: 4.25″ x 3″ x 1″, weighs 92 g (3.25 oz)
  • Includes 3 ft (1 m) USB cable
  • Optional 5V USB power adapter available
  • Made in Canada

Pricing and Availability

The cubit is available now for US $49.95.

18 thoughts on “New meeblip cubit One-To-Four MIDI Splitter

    1. Is it the Quadra? Often times midi is “active” from the source meaning the hardware synths and drum machines that are using it provide the power for the midi connections but sometimes those DINs can be passive at which point you need your midi router to be powered. Kenton make a 5 port midi splitter that is powered as well.

        1. Yeah, exactly – the advantage here is, you don’t have to worry about what you’re connected to. A lot of gear either doesn’t provide power or doesn’t do it over the expected pins.

          And uh, oh, we’re also cheaper – $40 includes the cable and ships free to the USA. So there’s that 🙂

    2. I have a MIDI Thru box with no power and it doesn’t work with everything. I think it depends what you are sending MIDI from and what kind of MIDI information.

  1. Kind of a bummer it doesn’t pass USB midi as well. Or another way, it’s too bad the USB is just for power and not an alternate midi input source. Could be a really nice way to drive multiple hardware boxes from iPad…

    1. Yes, and should add – we have free shipping to the USA, discounted shipping to Canada, and affordable shipping worldwide.

      Inventory actually literally takes up space so we aren’t kidding when we say we’d rather you have them 🙂

  2. Question: I’m using a Midi Solutions Quadra thru and sometimes I have sync issues. The clock source is an akai drum machine, and it’s going to three higher end synths and a volca beats. Could the issue be that I need an active box?

    1. We can say this definitely won’t add latency. But there are many other potential sources of clock issues, so it’s way too soon to blame your thru box. Try connecting one at a time, try swapping cables, etc. If you compare each of those to the Akai, you should hear for instance if just one piece of equipment (like the volca beats) is failing to keep up, etc.

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