Sequential Prophet X, Prophet XL Get User Sample Support (Beta)

8Dio has released a public beta for the Sequential Prophet X/XL Mapping Utility, a free tool that lets you use your own samples with the Prophet X series synths.

The workflow has been designed so that you can directly import, assign, adjust mapping and label your own sample-sets, ready for loading in to your Prophet X or XL.


  • Official Prophet X Series Mapping Utility
  • Use your own samples with the Prophet X series
  • Program custom sample sets
  • Mac/PC Compatible

7 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet X, Prophet XL Get User Sample Support (Beta)

  1. I wonder if they’ll release a tabletop version of the X. I think it’s great that new samplers like the X are available, but the price is a bit hefty for most. It would be cool if there was a Mopho/Tetra sized multi-timbral sampler capable of doing multi-sampling with, velocity layers, stretching, round-robin, analogue filters etc. Sure there’s laptop options with EXS-24, Kontakt, Ableton Live Sampler/Simpler, but a standalone box would be cool, especially for bands that don’t need a laptop or a big workstation keyboard.

    Parts of the Octatrack, Pioneer Toraiz SP-16, MPC Live and Synthstrom Audible Deluge seem to be the latest that can provide this, but there are limitations. I’m talking for both percussive layers and harmonic layers with variance for keys and pads etc. Akai and Synthstrom are both introducing user-based multi-sampling and from the looks of it Sequential is also now adding it to the X. This is seems like a great alternative to using lugging Mainstage or Live to a gig. Mainstage and I think the next version of MPC software let you auto-sample AU/VSTs which is awesome. I’ve tried running multiple instances of Reaktor Rounds, but it chews up CPU quite a bit.

    I was easily able to use Mainstage 3 to autosample some sounds for round-robin use and use them in software samplers. It would be really cool if this was in small footprint hardware and separate keyboard controllers could play different instances, something tells me Deluge and MPC Live might be able to do this, but I’ve read of limitations on the MPC Live’s access to its instruments with MIDI.

    Perhaps an iPad Pro might have this someday, but it’s still a pain to deal with since you’d still need a DAC and MIDI peripherals. Perhaps a hefty eurorack module could…So with all that said, I think samplers are pretty cool. Especially if you play keys and want to take your own sounds on the road without tethering to the laptop. Just wish I could afford one of these…

    1. Hey Expdog,
      Not sure of your situation, but it might just be possible to get one if you really want it. I ended up selling a few things, saved up for almost six months and contacted a dealer prior to the sale and informed him of my intention to buy a PX in the coming weeks. I was able to get a 15% discount AND some points on my card (around $400) so the X ended up costing me around 3k instead of 4K. It seemed like a long shot at first, but I eventually made it happen. And I’m glad I did. This thing is an absolutely beast and a pure joy to play. Hope you are able to get one!

  2. I agree . Hardware samplers are solid and reliable. My mpc 2500 is tired , but nothing can beat the 8 outputs of the mpc . I have my fingers crossed for an affordable 8 output sampler .

  3. It would be incredible if we could convert 8dio Kontakt libraries to use in Prophet X.
    Some of them (like the 1990 Prepared Piano) would be so much more enjoyable in hardware.

  4. I like the idea of modern hardware samplers. Being able to get data in and out is key, and it should be able to offer something that a computer can’t, like analog filters or SOMETHING cool and unique. This and the Quantum look really interesting.

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