Korg Kross Gets New Color Options, EDM Sounds

Ahead of the 2019 NAMM Show, Korg has announced new color options for the Kross 61-key models – green, orange, red, and blue.

These models also have additional PCM that provides special pre-installed piano and electric piano sounds, as well as synth and drum sounds that they say ‘meet the needs of cutting edge EDM producers.’

All specifications other than color and additional pre-install sounds are identical to the standard model of the KROSS-61.

16 thoughts on “Korg Kross Gets New Color Options, EDM Sounds

  1. So the newer model doesn’t incorporate features of the Kross2? I don’t know what the Kross 2 added, but I’m wondering if this is a step back, and a step forward in a different direction?

  2. I like when korg makes different colors of their gear. honestly i know its probably to please the majority, but so much gear is missing style these days. style is a risk. roland took a style risk with the aira series, which i personally think looks very cool, but some people are really turned off by it. i would prefer to have a lot more color, even if just white instruments in my studio. it makes you associate a character to the instrument and gives it more appeal imo.

    1. I don’t mind companies getting a little more adventurous with individual pieces of gear – and the orange and white Kross looks kind of cool.

      But I’ll never get the appeal of random vomit faceplates in Eurorack modulars. Does anybody like having a collection of modules that use completely different looks, naming schemes and designs?

      There’s a reason people love classic synth designs.

      1. That vomit-yellow doesn’t strike me as a particularly enticing color, though. Same for the orange. Seriously, they surely did their market researches, but is people actually willing to buy an outdated synth in those Clementoni-like colours?

        1. I like the colors, but not the outdated synth. Korg has not much done to improve it’s synth OS since the early 1990ties.

  3. Cool colors, but I think it’s time to update that screen to an OLED or something a bit easier on the eyes. It ain’t 2001 anymore.

    1. For instance Monologue has OLED display and it sucks. Display is just display. The only real problem with LCD displays is that when it’s – 20C outside, then it becomes slow

        1. It was pretty hard to navigate with it. But the whole UI of the synth sucks. Navigating with buttons without any labels isn’t that easy. Especially if you want to change some setting and then think that where was that…

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