Corsynth DR-02 Snare Drum Module For MU Modular Synthesizers

Corsynth developer Pablo Penas let us know that their latest module, the DR-02 Snare Drum, is now available.

The DR-02 Snare Drum is the second module in the DR series, dedicated to analog drum synthesis. The module is designed to synthesize electronic snare drum sounds of any kind.

But, with 12 knobs and 3 CV inputs, the DR-02 Snare Drum can synthesize much more than snare drums, including sounds like high-hats, toms, cymbals , congas and effects. It can also be used as an oscillator.

The DR-02 is composed of two different sections , Head and Snare, each with its own volume control:

  1. The Head section has two voltage-controlled oscillators with a fixed frequency interval between them. One modulation envelope to modulate the oscillators tuning and one VCA with an AD envelope to control de decay of the snare head.
  2. The Snare section is composed by a noise generator , two voltage controlled filters connected in series (one 12db resonant high pass filter and one 6db non- resonant low pass filter). One envelope to modulate the high pass filter cutoff frequency and one VCA with an AD envelope to control the decay of the snare.

Audio Demos:

All the sounds in these demos come from the DR-02 Snare Drum. Some examples are multi-tracked and feature several different DR-02 sounds. They are recorded and mixed with no additional processing. Individual sounds can be heard at the end of each loop.

Pricing and Availability

The DR-02 Snare Drum module is available now for 235 €.

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