Kim Bjørn Announces New Book, PEDAL CRUSH

Kim Bjørn, author of PUSH TURN MOVE, and co-author (with Chris Meyer) of PATCH and TWEAK, has announced his next book about electronic music-making.

Titled PEDAL CRUSH, the new volume is “the first ever book to explore stompboxes as a creative tool for all kinds of musicians.”

PEDAL CRUSH “features hundreds of pedals, interviews with inspiring artists and makers, as well as tips and techniques for shaping your own sound,” Bjørn explains in an overview video.

As with the previous books, Bjørn is crowd-funding the new project on Kickstarter.  To be notified of the book campaign’s March 26 launch, go to

4 thoughts on “Kim Bjørn Announces New Book, PEDAL CRUSH

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks!. Just to clarify: The fantastic and talented Chris Meyer is not contributing to PEDAL CRUSH. Please follow PEDAL CRUSH on Kickstarter from March 26th to find out who will be part of the release ;-). Lars / Brand Manager / BJOOKS

  1. it’s hard to trust books on sound processing tools that publish promotional videos with voice audio compressed like that. . .

    1. Hi Goobz. Thanks for your precise comment. I shot the video of Kim with a Rode wireless mic – and for some reason, this device automatically adds some compression… Like you, I am not that satisfied with the resulting sound. (I’ve worked as an engineer for ten0 years). However, this is just a quick shot video – not a music production :D. Cheers / Lars

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