Leaked Photo of Polyend Seq Pro Mega-Sequencer

A new image leaked today from Polyend of a mega-giant Polyend Seq step sequencer, the Seq Pro.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The ultimate has just got ultimatier.

The idea behind the Seq Sequencer came from “what you see is what you get” type of workflow.

Although having 32 steps, some users didn’t find it sufficient to make proper music.

That is why Polyend decided to introduce the new/longer/more professional version with a handful of neat and necessary features.

Here are the main ones:

8 tracks wits 72 steps each,
576 presets,
48 midi outs and 32 ins,
the grid can display clock, date and weather,
horizontal Tetris game,
negative MIDI tempo,
RGB light (may serve as a Christmas tree),
display board for swear words,
the updated firmware will make your partner always nice to you,
will compose your music while you’re out with your friends for a beer,

and many more!

This is the first hardware step sequencer design that we’ve seen with the negative MIDI tempo feature. Negative MIDI tempo promises to revolutionize live performance, because it lets you essentially ‘rewind’ and correct performance mistakes on the fly. But many consider the feature too dangerous to implement, because of the potential temporal side effects.

Information on pricing and availability is TBA.

12 thoughts on “Leaked Photo of Polyend Seq Pro Mega-Sequencer

  1. LOL! Awesome April Fools joke guys!

    P.S. Just don’t post this on the Synthesizer Freaks Facebook group because the Admin is a miserable git with no sense of humor!

  2. Very interesting! It reminds me of a sophisticated version of Michel’s Geiss Digisequencer that was used by Jean Michel Jarre.

  3. Don’t laugh too readily. You just KNOW several people will still get all butt-hurt over it being vapor-hardware and a few will say “Waiting for the 144-step model I just KNOW is coming at Summer NAMM 2020!”

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