Bob Moog On ‘To Tell The Truth’ Game Show

This video captures an early 70’s episode of the game show To Tell The Truth that features Dr Bob Moog – and two imposters!

The concept for the show is that four celebrity panelists try to guess which of the three contestants is who they say they are. In this episode, Bob Moog appears with two impersonators, and they all try to answer the panelists’ questions as convincingly as possible.

Unfortunately for the panelists, Dymo Industries General Manager Dan Lavery makes a pretty convincing Bob Moog. But Moog gets the last laugh, in the end, because the episode ends with him giving a quick layman’s introduction to the Minimoog.



7 thoughts on “Bob Moog On ‘To Tell The Truth’ Game Show

  1. Bob’s demo was the cherry on top. My first synth was a Minimoog, so it was nice to see him actually show off several of its possibilities better than many demos you see today. He’s a great godfather.

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