Ableton Announces First Artists For Loop 2020 Lineup

This morning, Ableton revealed the first group of artists performing and presenting at Loop 2020. The three-day summit for music makers will be back in Berlin, April 26 – 28, 2020.

The initial artist announcement includes:

Sylvia Massy is a US-based engineer and producer with over 30 years of studio experience working with acts including Johnny Cash, REM, and Tool. She’ll be sharing her insights and processes for producing records using experimental engineering methods and equipment.

Mexican brother-sister duo Sotomayor will show you the art of sampling, and how it culminates in their Cumbia meets Afrobeat sound. They’ll also be giving a full band performance of their blend of live instrumentation and digitally-produced beats.

UK-based quartet Ex-Easter Island Head uses multiple electric guitars augmented through mechanical preparations and extended techniques to explore group interplay, repetition, and melodic invention through purposefully limited means. Their music has been compared to that of Steve Reich, Glenn Branca, and Claude Debussy. The quartet will host a Music Improv Session at Loop, based around their instruments-as-percussion approach to performance. They are also hosting a Studio Session showing some of the techniques they use to create sounds through the art of repetition.

Loop 2020 will also feature dance music producer Deena Abdelwahed, along with New York-based experimental instrument builders Antenes and Eric Pitra.

Percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie will be sharing insights into her “intensely physical” practice.

Singer and performer Colin Self will break down his multi-disciplinary musical happenings, and improvisational duo Joel Holmes and Cody Currie will demonstrate how live instrumentation can be used to “shake up” the house music scene.

Ex-Easter Island Head

The Ableton Loop summit is a three-day exploration of music creation through talks, performances and hands-on Workshops across several venues in Berlin. There is still time to register for a pass to the summit, which includes Studio Sessions and intimate performances in unique settings.

Additional guests and program information for Loop 2020 will be announced soon. Synthtopia will cover all the event news here, but you can also look for the latest program and performer information on the Ableton Loop website.

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