Korg Prologue Review & Hands-On Demo

In this video, synthesist Devin Belanger (Miles Away) shared his review of the Korg Prologue synthesizer.

Belanger demos the key features of the Prologue, explores the possibilities of the Multi Engine and shares his take on the pros and cons of the synthesizer.

If you’ve used the Prologue, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Korg Prologue Review & Hands-On Demo

      1. Thank Mark. Not a FB guy – maybe a little bit won’t hurt 🙂

        Matt, I have all shoebridges stuff – in fact I think I have literally everything. PluckV2 is a very sweet sound.
        Try Peter Allwin’s mutable Instruments ports of the MO2 String and MO2 Modal. MO2 String is a more feature full Karplus Strong model, and MO2 Modal is a piece of Elements Strike Model. LOTS of fun!

        1. The MO2-stuff is free. Sinevibes has a Tube resonator model that is novel. Very very cool sounds!
          Btw: By everything I meant everything for Prologue not just shoebridge’s.

  1. This is what I was looking for.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge about this synthesizer with us, Devin.

    1. Off the top of my head, these are some differences; Minilogue XD and Prologue are very similar in voicing, except Prologue doesn’t have the single-shot LFO, instead it has a ‘fast’ LFO setting. Otherwise, many controls that are buried in the XD are exposed on the Prologue. Also, Prologue has no sequencer. Oh, also Prologue has a different set of SHIFT-functions. Like no SHIFT-VALUE accelerator.

      1. Minologue XD has a lacking filter envelope (a/d only, haven’t seen a hold mode/example to fake sustain)…. on the plus side, 2 CV inputs, sync and ring mod can be applied at same time instead of toggle, 3 fx can be applied at same time. On prologue you have to choose between delay or modulation/user. Prologue you can also layer 2 patches…I’m thinking via a panning user fx you could create stereo oscillators/ filters cloning the same patch and hardpanning each layer.

        1. Prologue is choice between delay and reverb – mod is always available. But yeah, 3 effects for XD. On Prologue, the delay and mod effects are each applied to one layer, the other or both. But you can’t have a different effect one both layers, unless one is mod and the other delay.

          There are trade off’s on each model in terms of features. They are all pretty minor considering what they have in common.

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