Lisa Bella Donna Plays ‘The Mothership’

Moog Music shared this live performance of synthesist Lisa Bella Donna playing ‘The Mothership’, an interconnected system of seven Mother-32s, two DFAMs, and a Matriarch paraphonic synthesizer.

“The sequencer system in this setup is something very special and unveils so much more than meets the eye, when you dig in,” notes Bella Donna. “Then there’s the sound. These synths can move serious air and give you the flexibility of 10 octave oscillators, richly classic Moog filtering, and VCAs that can offer both musical dynamics and grit when you wish for it.”

For another example of Lisa Bella Donna’s sonic sorcery, check out this improvisation with just one synth, recorded live at the Brooklyn Synth Expo:

You can find Lisa Bella Donna’s music on Bandcamp and details on the synths at the Moog site.

10 thoughts on “Lisa Bella Donna Plays ‘The Mothership’

    1. No? Interesting!
      Wonder if they had anyone from Mozambique, Lithuania, Bhutan, Bahrain, Belize, Mauritania, Tibet, Central African Republic, Brunei, Lesotho or, indeed, Bangladesh. And I *really* don’t mean this as a slant about ZW. I simply feel like Asheville to Trumansburg is already pretty exotic for many Moogers. The fact that people in Berlin and New South Wales are using the same synths might feel like a “global” phenomenon.

    2. Not sure if that was sarcasm lol, but check out nyenge nyenge tapes. Definitely one of the best (and only) forums I’ve seen for the badass electronica coming out of Africa right now.

  1. although the whole presentation shouts ‘moogmoogmoogmoogmoog’ a bit too loud for me, lisa’s music and what she gets out of gear is just great.

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