Metagrid iPad Controller Adds Deep Integration With Ableton Live, Dorico & More

Metasystem has updated Metagrid, its iPad macro controller application.

Metagrid lets you use your iPad to streamline your workflow by turning it into a custom toolkit of application shortcuts, for applications like Logic Pro X, Cubase, Digital Performer, Studio One, Ableton Live, Reaper and Dorico.

You can connect your iPad to your Mac or PC through WiFi or USB, and then use your iPad as a dedicated controller. Each Metagrid button can be assigned with macros, consisting of keyboard shortcuts and MIDI messages.

Here’s what’s new in Metagrid 1.5:

  • Import/export buttons, views and viewsets through Dropbox
  • Import/export entire Metagrid database through Dropbox for backup purposes
  • Support for Dorico application (over 400 music related icons based on the Bravura font, app-specific commands and the dedicated viewset created by the Metasystem team that can be downloaded from Metasystem user forum)
  • Support for Ableton Live app-specific commands through dedicated control surface device
  • Support for UACC (Universal Articulation Controller Channel) support for Spitfire Audio librar- ies
  • Omni Space functionality
  • Universal app-lock functionality
  • Manual network connection setup

Other enhancements include:

  • Over 1000 new icons
  • New view editor screen
  • New button editor screen
  • New action editor screen
  • New connection screen

Pricing and Availability

Metagrid is available now for $29.99 USD.

2 thoughts on “Metagrid iPad Controller Adds Deep Integration With Ableton Live, Dorico & More

  1. I remember seeing very favorable reviews when it was released a few years ago. Nice to see the continued inclusion/support of quite a few popular apps and some under-represented (under-appreciated) ones.

    When I think of my DAW ergonomics/workflow, with RH on mouse, LH on keys, and occasionally needing to type w/ LH & RH, the thought of reaching for an iPad, touching it 3 or 4 times before bothers to recognize my touch, I can just feel my blood pressure go up. The other issue is that it requires me to take my eyes off of my main screen to look at another set of controls- but even then I’m blocking my view of those same controls as I use them. I’ll have to start liking touch screens more, before I’d invest time & money into this kind of thing.

    That said, it seems like a very useful for people who aren’t as grouchy as me. Now get off my lawn!!

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