IK Multimedia ARC System 3 Acoustic Correction System Now Available

IK Multimedia has introduced ARC System 3, the latest version of their acoustic correction system that’s designed to automatically adjust the output of your monitors to correct for room acoustics and provide more accurate monitoring.

ARC System 3 measures your room at three different heights around the listening position. ARC’s software creates a 3D snapshot of the acoustics of your room, which lets it automatically adjust your monitor output to be more accurate.

Here’s what’s new in ARC System 3:

  • 3D room analysis delivers incredibly accurate, natural sound
  • Simplified, step-by-step room analysis software makes setup a breeze
  • Advanced controls let you achieve precise correction in any situation
  • Now supports 3rd party measurement microphones

Key Features:

  • Measurement mic, room analysis software and correction plug-in
  • Improves frequency balance and stereo imaging in any room
  • Work faster and create better mixes without expensive room treatment
  • Virtual monitoring emulates the sound of common listening devices

Pricing and Availability:

ARC System 3 is available as a complete bundle with MEMS microphone for $/€249.99, or without the mic for $/€199.99. Upgrade options are also available.

5 thoughts on “IK Multimedia ARC System 3 Acoustic Correction System Now Available

  1. You are wasting your time, it’s going to be heard on bluetooth headphones at the default bitrate, and even if they had better equipment they couldn’t tell the difference anyway. Except for classical, jazz, other niche stuff. That said, it sounds cheap for what it’s promising, and it would be interesting to hear what people who have golden ears, not me (I’m a musician, but not a mixologist), think about it.

  2. I have version 2 and it’s not very helpful. I dare even say it made things worse. I eventually and painstakingly invested in the Trinniov system and now I’m cooking with fire.

  3. monitors are one thing. your room is the other. if your room has parallel walls and no absorbers, it may produce reflections and even resonant frequencies, that cannot be EQed out easily – and your room will sound different at every position. no magic electronic device can compensate this.

    1. That’s the point. In an untreated room, every 20 cm you move your head forward or backward, the low frequencies sound dramatically different. No static EQ compensation can solve this problem.

  4. use that 200 and invest in home made bass traps and absorbers, you will get much better results and accually fix the problem at its source… thank me later 😉

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