50 Cosmic Effects For The Eventide Space & H9 Max

LFO Store has introduce 50 Cosmic Effects, a new effects patch collection for the Eventide Space Pedal & H9 Max.

The collection is described as “what you need to transform your Guitar & Synth into a galactic machine!”


  • Reverbs with lush tails & long decays
  • Freeze constructions for drones & ambient structures
  • Analog delays & Timefactor delay emulations\
  • Distorted leads and pads
  • Various movements (thanks to LFO & Envelope inside)

All 50 presets are modeled as insert type effects.

Pricing and Availability

50 Cosmic Effects is available now for $15 USD.

4 thoughts on “50 Cosmic Effects For The Eventide Space & H9 Max

  1. i love my H9 but this is just silly. $15 because you don’t understand modulation? If you have H9 Max and aren’t having enough fun already you’re doing it wrong. Saves time for busy producers? lol, no. It’s not that complicated. Buying “Shaolin’s Greatest Kicks” will not make you a martial arts expert.

    “wherever you go, there you are”

  2. I have a Microbrute, among other analog synths. I run it through a Zoom MS-70CDR, and can do very similar effects, for about 1/3 the price. It would be great to compare the two side by side.

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