Mutable Instruments Ripples (2020) Hands-On Demo

Divkid Ben Wilson shared this official overview video for the new Mutable Instruments Ripples (2020), an updated version of the company’s multimode filter Eurorack module.

Here’s what Wilson has to say about it:

Here we have the new 2020 updated version of Ripples from Mutable Instruments. It’s an 8HP multimode filter module with low pass, band pass and high pass outputs.

The LP and BP outputs have switchable 2 or 4 pole responses, the low pass has an additional VCA level control (great for AM synthesis, or general enveloped level control). There’s also now two inputs (rather than one), one of which has a saturation circuit for overdriving sounds into the filter or for bringing up the levels of external gear. The circuit is resonance compensated, giving a generally “classic Japanese” flavor.

Topics covered:

00:00 Hello and patch previews

01:26 Ripples feature run down and new 2020 additions

03:11 Low pass sweeps // clean & driven // 2 & 4 pole

04:07 Band pass sweeps // clean & driven // 2 & 4 pole

04:54 High pass sweeps // clean & driven

05:19 303 style Acid patching

05:45 Saturation & bass boost tricks with the high pass

07:17 Low pass gate style patching & cleaning up aggressive tones
08:24 Audio rate modulation – lovely vocal throaty tones!

09:43 “BETTER” Rings patches

10:57 AM synthesis with the onboard VCA

11:59 Kick drum synthesis walkthrough

12:47 Weird kick, sub swell clicky goodness!

12:56 Filter pinging

14:03 BONUS – primitive snare like sounds from filter pings

14:11 Beautiful saturation and filtering of FX feedback paths

15:05 Oscillator – Ripples as an oscillator

15:29 Oscillator – Feedback based waveshaping – from sines to saws

16:06 Oscillator – FM synthesis

16:33 Oscillator – AM synthesis

17:21 Oscillator – Dynamic mixed AM synthesis

18:07 How to turn Ripples into an LFO (with waveshaping and AM)

19:36 Interfacing external gear with input 1’s additional gain

20:03 Turning filters into phasers

20:46 Using saturation and filter for contrasting ambient layers in a patch

21:06 LOTS (lots and lots) of modulation! Audio rate, AM, FM and more!

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