118 Free Patches For The M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

Paul Mehlhaff’s Cloudwalk Collection is a free sound library for the M-Audio Venom, featuring 118 custom sounds for the Venom synthesizer.

It features 118 single patches., including pianos, organs, pads, classic synth patches, arpeggiators, pads and more.

I am offering this soundset for free, because Venom users need more soundsets and an opportunity to see more of what this great synth can do,” notes Mehlhaff. “But if you wish to donate to my musical world, check out my ambient music projects on Bandcamp.”

17 thoughts on “118 Free Patches For The M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

  1. **BREAKING** It finally works. I´m a beta tester. Akai morphed MPC into Cubase-like hardware DAW.

    Akai Force Beta 3.0.5
    New Features
    Arrange mode is a fully featured linear sequencer. You can now:
    • Create an arrangement of a song against a linear timeline.
    • Record your clip performance or live input (MIDI or Audio) into a linear timeline.
    • Edit and arrange your song using Force’s powerful Arrange Edit commands.
    • Mixdown your song to a stereo audio file or stem it as separate tracks.
    • Experiment with different song ideas by launching clips against your linear arrangement.
    • Edit a single track from your arrangement in Arrange mode’s pull-up track editor, Grid or List editors.

  2. Its a lovely sounding instrument, but it always felt as if M-Audio released it just to have one on the market at the time. It seemingly came pre-loaded with vaporware where it needed support. Its increasingly common to see synths with limited hardware panels and great software editors. Too bad the pieces didn’t come together in this case. A Venom II with a better GUI could have become a common sight.

  3. i love my venom! i never used the software or the usb but just the midi in and outs and audio of course, and ive never had any of the problems everyone has. hmmm. fun synth. can get some nasty sounds. i love it so…

  4. I owned one awhile back….When M-audio Quit supporting it I sold it!

    Too bad….the Venom did have potential….nice sound…but too dependent on the software…

  5. Hello. Are there instructions anywhere on how to upload these patches to my Venom? Thanks for putting these up. Can’t wait to play them.

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