Corsynth Intros DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal Percussion Module For MU Synthesizers

Corsynth has introduced the DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal module, the third in their DR series of MU format modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis.

The DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal module is designed to synthesize Hi-Hats and metal percussion, like cowbells, cymbals and FX. Three different voices are available at the same time, Closed Hi-hat, Open Hi-hat and Metal plus a Hi-Hat mixed output.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“To synthesize a Hi-Hat there is a key element that defines the final result, the primary sound used to create it. The DR-03 has three possible sound sources , a white noise generator, a mix of six square wave oscillators and a mix of ring modulated square wave oscillators. These three sound sources, together with the VC Band Pass filter and the Low Pass Filter allow the DR-03 to create a wide range of hi-hat sounds.

Another interesting feature is that the Open Hi-hat decay time is voltage controlled and it can be triggered independently or conditioned to the Closed Hi-hat.


The Metal sound is created using two ring modulated square wave oscillators and a VC Band Pass Filter. The frequency of one oscillator can be manually controlled and the other one has a fixed frequency. The variable oscillator can modulate the cutoff of the BPF to create metallic FM sounds.”

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The DR-03 Hi-Hats / Metal module is available now for 250 Euro.

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