Lumikeys + iPad Synth Rig Looks And Sounds Like The Future

This live ambient performance, by Perplex On, looks and sounds like the future, with the sound controlled and modulated by an illuminated keyboard and dancing touch-controlled particles.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“Photophore synth played with Lumikeys with some background MIDI magic: Quantichord app to get chords with only one key. Besides Mozaicapp is used to convert the aftertouch data of the Lumikeys to modwheel data which controls filter cutoff and turbulence speed of the spores in Photophore.”

2 thoughts on “Lumikeys + iPad Synth Rig Looks And Sounds Like The Future

  1. Ha! I found the whole thing hypnotic in a good way. Its right in line with having several synths that play different main roles. This would clearly be a primary pad/granular tool. Its a bit like rubbing a worry stone or playing Solitaire, but I give points for it NOT being merely generative. Human hands are right on it in real-time. Added points for the immersive demo.

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