Moog One Meets MU Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Ariyo Shahry shared the track Oblivion, which explores combining sounds of a MU format modular synth with the Moog One synthesizer.

Here’s what Shahry has to say about the technical details of the performance:

“Moog One is an impressive synthesizer. I could have easily done this entire track on the Moog One (except drums). This synthesizer is so powerful and is capable of so much yet it can so easily sit within the mix. In this case it basically made the track. I went from an idea to a wall of warm analog goodness with just a simple patch on the Moog One.

The base of my modular system system is a System 66. Over time I’ve added other modules to my system.

In this video the following modules are featured:

– Moon Modular M 569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
– Moon Modular M 543 Stereo Output Mixer
– Moon Modular M 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source
– STG Soudlabs Sea Devils Filter
– FSFX 102 Granular Audio Processor (5U / MU format adaptation of the Mutable Instruments Clouds)
– Dove Audio WTF Oscillator
– CorSynth C107 Quad Linear VCA/VC Mixer
– Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter
– Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
– Q109 Envelope Generator
– Q110 Noise Source”

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