Korg MicroKorg Gets Reincarnated With Oversynth.com Front Panel Mod

Oversynth.com has released a collection of front panel mods for the Korg microKorg synthesizer.

The overlays mod the faceplate of the microKorg, letting you customize the microKorg ‘look’ with a minimal black and white overlay; a vibrant ‘Light Spectra’ overlay; and other designs.

Pricing an Availability

The Oversynth.com panel mods are available for $42 USD.

9 thoughts on “Korg MicroKorg Gets Reincarnated With Oversynth.com Front Panel Mod

  1. korg needs to make another version of this synth. i really love the aesthetic maybe where the preset names are they can put a screen

      1. Korg makes plenty of analogue synths already: if you changed the microkorg that much, it wouldn’t be a microkorg anymore (just like the XL version, which was basically a rompler though). Also, those are not the presets, but the editable parameters.

        Keep in mind that the micro is just an MS2000 packed tight, with a more limited arpeggiator. As it’s become a classic, you either love it or hate it. And the more features you add, the costlier it gets: the microkorg S, for a couple speakers and more memory locations, will cost you almost 100€ more than the standard version; if Korg were to add a screen and other stuff, its price would rise even more (something between 500 an 600) and people then would just keep buying the classic model.

  2. The rainbow panel is rockin’. I also want one that’s nearly-neon blue. I have a Kebu-sized rig of MicroKorgs, so I’ll take the lot.

  3. Not meaning to hate, but all of these look like they were made by someone without even a basic understanding of color, typography and graphic design. If you make an overlay, at least pick some matching colors and improve on the looks of the original design instead of downgrading it.

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