Aphex Twin & Novation Tease Something New

Novation & Aphex Twin are teasing something new.

Cryptic signs have appeared in LA, Berlin, Bristol & London:

Novation and Aphex Twin have previously collaborated on a major to the BassStation 2, version 4.14, which added AFX Mode, which lets you define patches on a per-key basis.

Novation says that more information is coming Oct 20, 2020. In the meantime, share your thoughts on what they are introducing in the comments.

85 thoughts on “Aphex Twin & Novation Tease Something New

  1. Super for Novation! Not to derail the topic from whatever microtuning feature Novation have added, but has anyone else noticed how Aphex has come out as a Corona skeptic / anti-masking skeptic? He is constantly posting conspiracy links on the user18081971 Soundcloud. Pretty weird.

    1. did he tell YOU specifically not to wear a face mask or which opinion you should have? or did he just present you with the information to form your own opinion? maybe he is entitled to his opinion and you shouldn’t shame him for it like some gestapo soldier. dissent is the foundation of democracy.

      1. Fascinating that you liken Julie to a gestapo soldier for asking a question and observing AT’s behavior. I don’t see a single word on her post that shames him. Interestingly, yours does about Julie. Perhaps you need to relax and get off social media.

      2. The argument that people should be able to express their opinions — even when they’re completely wrong and based on pseudoscience — is insane. NO. He’s just wrong. There’s no room for debate.

        It’s like Airbus announcing that they’re going to use the power of Christian prayer to design aircraft instead of relying on mechanical engineering because engineering requires challenging education and sometimes counterintuitive reasoning.

        1. it’s the most important argument and it’s up to you to form your opinion.

          Also, he’s not out there giving lectures on why you shouldn’t wear masks, he is just sharing the other people saying it. I feel those are the people who should get the brunt of it.

          Also, he’s frikkin artist, this could all be his warped version of Candide.

          But keep living in your world where everyone everywhere has to conform to what you say and think because science. history tells us that doesn’t ever end badly.

              1. The right of free speech doesn’t make anything you say morally “OK” by default. Consider Kant’s categorical imperative.

                  1. The conversation of whether it’s “okay” or not to say something is about morality. You can say whatever you want. Doesn’t mean it’s should be said or that you can’t be criticized for it. Personally I think it’s wrong to tell people that COVID 19 is a hoax and to not wear a mask. I also think choosing to not wear a mask due to selfish negligence is shitty and me and many others are definitely judging you for it.

                    As for RDJ my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m mildly disappointed but it’s not like I know the guy personally or that he’s done the world a great disservice by maybe not believing in the seriousness of the pandemic. He hasn’t used his fame to spread tons of disinfo so I’m willing to overlook a few poor statements. I buy his records because I like his music, not because I think we’d be good friends.

                  2. No it doesn’t. That’s why you can’t just perpetrate fraud or threaten people and excuse it as free speech. Please spare us these philosophical contortions, they only impress the very young and the gullible.

                    1. I wouldn’t consider the mention of a well known and obviously relevant ethical concept “philosophical contortions” but feel free to spin it however you like. Otherwise we agree,

        2. AirBus is free to say whatever they want
          and the FreeMarket aka Customers are free to assess whether they are ok with it or not

          > “ There’s no room for debate. ”
          tell that to Galileo

          science by definition encourages skepticism.
          ask questions, form a hypothesis, design an experiment, observe, analyze, repeat
          what is the consensus today, can be proved to be wrong.

          this obsession over how people think, what they believe in, and to enforce conformity is ridiculous.
          you are free to wear a Hazmat suit and Gas Mask 24/7, isolated for a year in a bunker, and someone else is free to drink bleach, and another person is free to just not give a damn and live like they always used to.

          Intellectual Diversity FTW

          1. People aren’t ‘free to not give a damn’ when their actions endanger others. You aren’t free to drive 60 in a school zone or serve spoiled food to your customers. Intellectual Diversity is both disingenuous and meaningless. You say it as if anti-mask people are using science to form their opinions.

            1. the cUsToMeR is free to asses whether they are ok with eating spoiled food or not. Libertarians live in a fantasy land where the only way anyone else’s actions affect you is if you were too stupid or weak to do anything about it. They live in this fantasy where anyone doing anything malicious will just fail in a “free market”

              yes they believe in “personal liberties” so no they don’t believe you are free to maliciously harm others, but they ignore that without regulation and agreed upon rules, there are too many personal actions that affect the lives of people around them

              Intellectual diversity isn’t the “fair and balanced” fox news “both sides”. We can’t just suddenly consider anyone’s ideas because they are “adding diversity” to science. Intellectual diversity is the range of topics people understand, not a range of conclusions. We don’t listen to flat earthers, not because they are “going against the grain” or because we want the “round earth hive mind” to be clean and pure. NO we don’t listen to them because they have no consistent or substantial argument, they are easily debunked.

              Masks have been shown to reduce spread of infection, it’s not an opinion

              1. Admin: Comment deleted – off topic and spreading misinformation as fact.

                Keep comments on topic and constructive.

            2. Back in reality, Airbus is required to follow stringent regulations, use accepted engineering practices and test the snot out of their aircraft. A passenger cannot be expected to make an informed decision about the safety of a complex machine like an aircraft or train, so we have laws to protect them. Those laws necessarily restrict free action for the greater good.

            3. You actually are free to do 60 in a school zone (when endangering others) there is no mechanical device that will prevent it, and you can serve spoiled food to customers but you will get complaints! And maybe a lawsuit.

        3. And you can ignore him, vs. feeling the need to shut him down and ‘warn others’ We are adults here and can think for ourselves and we can also enjoy someone’s music with whom we don’t agree on politics. At least we used to before the thought police took over public health. [I don’t understand your need to bring religion into this either.]

      3. If Julie is a ‘gestapo soldier’ for disagreeing with Apex Twin, then isn’t Aphex Twin a ‘gestapo soldier’ for disagreeing with other people?

        If dissent is the foundation of democracy, then Julie’s dissent is also the foundation of democracy.

          1. Disagree with what? sharing a link doesn’t mean it’s your gospel.
            It seems it was easier to most commenters above to include him in a group you already decide to reject without checking the facts.
            Science is about willing to be skeptical about everything even if everybody disagree with you, Checking facts, testing and prepared to be surprised.

    2. Good for him. How dare he not tow the line! The world is moving on. While this has been tragic, there is definitely a mass hysteria component. And my guess is that is his issue.

      1. Dude.

        Today over 1 million people are confirmed dead with coronavirus infections. Over 36 million people have contracted it. In the past 24 hours over 288 thousand people have contracted it. This disease is really hard to contain & it will kill more people. There’s countless stories about lingering effects on the body post-infection.

        This disease has been affecting us for less than a year.

        That’s not hysteria, those are facts worth keeping in your thoughts. Have some respect for people affected by the disease. Don’t forget that every person has a family & their own story.

        Source: https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19
        Source data aggregated here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/06/coronavirus-world-map-which-countries-have-the-most-covid-cases-and-deaths

      2. exactly.
        I really enjoyed reading the links he put and because of Julia post i rechecked user18081971 on Soundcloud and found two new very interesting videos.

    3. Thanks for pointing that out Julie, it is super weird. I would go so far as to say It has drastically changed my opinion in that I will continue paying absolutely no attention to his music, exactly as before.

      Looking forward to what Novation is up to though.

    4. There’s nothing at all weird about it Julie.
      Just like the twin Towers, if you believe the official narrative, your delusional !

    5. Thanks for the heads up and I’m sorry to hear this. And coming back with a Godwin in the first response is beyond pathetic.

    6. who cares what he believes and who knows where an anonymous critic stems fom? This is between him, his family and friends.

      1. I read a couple references in that link and it’s basically all guesswork.

        Conclusion: keep wearing masks that do work and don’t let Aphex Twin the conspiracy theorist convince you otherwise.

  2. Novation X Station

    you read it here first.

    no I’m not an insider, but look closely at the graphics (first pic, the very left, on the circuit board)

    you’re welcome

  3. I thought this was a bass station update, but on the billboard it clearly says ‘X Station’ – kinda a weird synth to revive but should be fairly cool to see something VA with AFX involved that’s not a super basic analog mono like the monologue

  4. On the basis of these photos I can definitively announce that this will be a midi retrofitted wickerwork commode. You know it makes sense.

      1. bottom right looks like 49 keys or so, bass station like design, scaled down peak or something maybe? Key synth though, not a groovebox.

        1. Yes, looks like a Bass Station 2 with all the updates and AFX integrated in it with dedicated controls.

          If they release it in 3 octaves would be killer (I miss one octave in my BS2) 😀

  5. We don’t give a f**k about masks ! This is an article about an exciting new collab between Aphex Twin and Novation , let’s enjoy that )) .

  6. It’s seems like a new version of bass station 2
    You can clearly see on the left side of the box 2 octave keyboard that looks like the bass station, The white big filter knob is also visible.

  7. Sorry to disappoint you all, it’s a new version of the Aphex Twin made by Novation. His eyes, ears and testicals will be microtuned to not be at exactly the same height, therefore making an aesthetically pleasing Aphex Triplet.

  8. From the pictures on the box it looks
    Just like a bassstation II. Probably like the Morodernova its just going to be a BSII in a different color / new packaging maybe some new presets or firmware.

  9. Aphex has never actually said Covid is a hoax, that’s all been made up, he actually recently stated the opposite,
    he posted very interesting videos imo.

    Also this Novation collab looks right up my street.

    1. I wont be supporting anyone that’s spreading conspiracy theories about COVID.

      Can you post a link of his statement?

  10. He’s not spreading a theory, it was a link to a group of experienced german lawyers that ARE taking legal action against governments using case law .
    It’s ridiculous these days, almost anything people mention that isn’t covered in the awful mainstream biased news gets called a conspiracy.

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