AFX Station In-Depth Demo

Novation shared this in-depth look into the new AFX Station.

In the video, product specialist Chris Calcutt (-CALC-) gives an overview of the AFX Station, including covering the new hardware and a review of the latest firmware.

The AFX Station is a limited edition of Novation’s Bass Station II, created in collaboration with Aphex Twin (Richard D. James). It features the latest firmware, with AFX Mode pre-installed, a new sound library that leverages the new firmware, and custom styling. The front panel also includes new labeling to make AFX Mode easier to use.

Details on the AFX Station are available at the Novation site.

7 thoughts on “AFX Station In-Depth Demo

    1. The Bass Station II actually used to be cheaper when it first released. Unfortunately they’ve actually gone up in price since then.

      1. Maybe in us, In europe they even want down lately. You can find it easily for 330 pounds including vat. (about 280 pounds excluding) I”m shore with some searching you can find it for less.

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