myVolts Crazy Chain Makes It Easy To Power & ‘Daisy Chain’ Your Gear

myVolts – a company that specializes in providing power solutions for your gear – has introduced Crazy Chain, a system designed to make it easy to power and daisy chain power to your gear.

For example, in the video above, myVolts’ Luke Brennan demonstrates using the system to create a mobile USB-powered synth rig, featuring a Korg Volca Modular, a Korg Volca Bass, a Sismo Samba and a Zoom Effects Pedal.

Here’s a diagram of how it can be used:

Power from your source (in this example, a portable USB charger/power bank) is routed to the first device in the chain. The ‘Crazy Chain’ cables let you take the power from the first device and daisy chain it to subsequent devices.

At myVolts, we’re always trying to make life simpler. Have you ever wanted to carry less power supplies around? Do you rather not have “spare ends” from your daisy chain cable? Does it not have the correct tip for your synthesizer?

You can select the Tip size, polarity and chain link length to customize the system to meet your needs.

Note: myVolts recommends keeping the current used by your chain under 2.5 Amps. This would be equivalent to 10 x Korg Volcas, or 4 x Elektron Digitakt synths. You can check your instrument manuals to see how much power they draw or ask myVolts for recommendations via their site.

Details are available at the myVolts site.

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