New Synth, Superberry, Inspired By ‘Melodramatic Trance’

Synth startup Fors (Ess Mattison and Felisha Ledesma) has released Superberry, a new synthesizer for MacOS, Windows & Max for Live that they say is inspired by ‘melodramatic trance melodies’.

Mattison was previously at Elektron, where he created the synth engines of Digitone and Model:Cycles. Ledesma is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer, and co-founded the Portland Synth Library.

“With Fors, we are making software synthesizers that take inspiration from our favorite music, or the music we want to make, and explores that in playful and new ways,” explains Mattison. “Our first synth, Superberry, takes inspiration from melodramatic trance melodies, but employs an FM core that extends the supersaw’s timbral capabilities into new territories.”


  • 1 × ‘Super sharp’ Supersaw Oscillator
  • 1 × Stackable Sub Oscillator
  • 1 × Ordinary AHR Envelope
  • 2 × Diffusing Bokeh Delay
  • 1 × Poly/Asymmetric Roulette Sequencer
  • 1 × Flexible LFO Modulator

The Superberry bundle includes a Mac/Windows desktop app, as well as the Superberry & Roulette sequencer Max for Live devices.

Pricing and Availability

Superberry is available now for €49. Demo downloads and audio examples are available at the site.

2 thoughts on “New Synth, Superberry, Inspired By ‘Melodramatic Trance’

  1. While nothing “really new” seems to stand out here, super simple synths are often my goto tools at the end of the day (e.g. 101, Juno..) and the main reason i was interested in this. But no VST version is not an option as far as i’m concerned and i hope they’ll make a VST.

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