20 thoughts on “Lisa Bella Donna – Cheyenne Crossing (Music Video)

  1. Jesus Christ! How utterly mind-numbingly boring. With so many synthesists making great stuff at the moment, I wonder why Lisa gets considerably more coverage than they do? Nothing personal, I’m sure she’s a lovely person,
    and dedicated to her craft, and the video is incredibly well made, but as a musical piece, a filter sweep soundscape lasting 20 minutes deserves neither high praise nor preferential coverage, IMHO.
    Maybe if Synthtopia made sending in submissions a lot easier than it is (Submission details please?) we could start to see a greater diversity regarding contemporary synthesizer music.

    1. “Maybe if Synthtopia made sending in submissions a lot easier than it is (Submission details please?) we could start to see a greater diversity regarding contemporary synthesizer music.”

      There are Feedback & Submission links at the top of every single page of this site.

      If you’ve got ideas on how to make these ‘a lot easier’, let us know via the Feedback form!

        1. ‘Simple’ is hard to do well. People think you can poop out ambient music and be Eno, but Eno’s also subtle and tasteful and really well crafted, and few musicians can do ambient music at that level.

      1. “Its so simple to make and people love it. I just don’t get it.”

        That’s why you think it’s simple to make.

        This pairing of music and video is incredibly cinematic. This is not easy to do.

        Youtube is filled with videos from electronic musicians that don’t appear to have musical talent, sound design skills, talent or even craftsmanship.

        That’s never the case with the videos I see featured on this site. I may not like the musical style, but I can always see craftsmanship and skill.

    2. Yep, pretty boring and void of any musicality really. This is the stuff people want though because it is not about music, it is about gear.

    3. I understand this as a general complaint about ambient music, but Lisa’s compositional output is actually incredibly diverse. This piece is just the tip of the iceberg. She actually has serious musical chops, which is somewhat uncommon in the electronic music world (granted, chops aren’t everything.) Some of her other material is of a Berlin School bent, some of it is more jazz-based…there’s a number of different styles. I’d check out her other material before making any sweeping judgements.

  2. Maybe those unimpressed should check out the plethora of other styles of electronic music she’s produced on her Bandcamp and YouTube pages before judging her on a single piece of music written specifically as a score for a calming, soothing video. No single piece can demonstrate the range this incredibly talented woman has.

    And if it’s still unimpressive to you, fine, but why bother posting such negativity about something so incredibly subjective as the myriad of varying styles of electronic music? As artists we should be cheering each other on even if our tastes vary, not bring each other down.

  3. So much negativity on the comments here as the years have gone by that I visit the site now with trepidation, and less often. The negativity is draining. All these anonymous posts. Synthtopia, I think it’s time to switch off the comments altogether or risk losing more of your audience. Keep the comments for your Facebook page – at least that way the comments are less likely to be personal attacks as the users will most likely have signed up there with their real name etc.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Andy.

      We try to err on the side of letting people share their thoughts. But, as you note, some people feel compelled to share a lot of uncontructive negativity.

      If we see comments that cross the line into being personal attacks, we will delete them. Based on your feedback, we reviewed and deleted a few comments on this thread.

      If you ever see comments that you think are personal attacks, hate speech, etc, please let us know via our Feedback link at the top of the page. Since we do not manually review every comment that is posted, using the Feedback form is the best way to contact us.

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