Duett For Ondes Martenot & Piano

This video captures a live performance of Duett, for ondes Martenot and Piano.

It features Raffael Seyfried on piano and Josh Semans on ondes Martenot.

“Josh is one of my favorite artists right now,” notes Seyfried, “and his use of the Martenot is both beautiful and forward looking.”

“The unique interface of the ondes Martenot facilitates a very broad range of incredibly nuanced gestures,” notes Semans, “So much so that the instrument and player, ideally, become one.”

5 thoughts on “Duett For Ondes Martenot & Piano

  1. Beautiful work, both of you. Oddly, I have a couple of frozen Martenot samples that are engaging to play, even as mere snippets of the breathing version. There’s a lot of subtle movement there that distinguishes itself from basic ROMpler stuff.

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