Endorphin.es Running Order Trigger Sequencer Updated With Ratcheting, Probability & More

Endorphin.es has released version 2 of the firmware for their Running Order trigger sequencer.

Running Order v2 adds live recording, ratcheting, probability and more.

Here’s what’s new in v.2.0:

  • Live recording: now you can record a new sequence by toggling the Track select switch to the side and the current sequence will continue playing until we enter the new sequence and switch back to the center.
  • Ratcheting and Probability in the Standard (a.k.a. Step Input) mode
  • Offset and Probability in the Euclidean mode.
  • Sync inputs even more improved. Sync latency reduced to 100 micro seconds. Once external clock is paused for longer than 1 second and then continues again, that acts as a sync on both inputs.

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