Shut Up & Play: The Moog Rogue Factory Patches

This video, via Paolo Di Nicolantonio of SynthMania, offers an audio demo of the original factory patches for the Moog Rogue synthesizer.

The Moog Rogue – from 1981 – is a stripped-down synth design, offering limited sound design options compared to earlier synths, like the Minimoog. But, as the video demonstrates, within its range it is capable of some great analog sounds.


00:00? The Moog Rogue
00:30? That Moog Sound (Minimoog sound)
01:03? Electric Guitar (Minimoog sound)
01:28? Electric Piano
01:53? Harpsichord
02:14? The Good Sound
02:50? Bass I (Acoustic)
03:13? Bass II (Rogue PowerBass)
03:47? Bass III – Tuba (Prodigy sound)
04:16? Frankenfunk (Prodigy sound)
04:58? Tympani (sic)
05:34? Violin
06:24? Bassoon
06:54? Flute
07:51? Steel Drums (“Lead Pan”)
08:20? Warp Two
09:36? Thunder (Minimoog sound)
10:17? Interfacing For Polyphonic Filter Effects (Poly Sample-And-Hold) (with Memorymoog)
11:32? Interfacing For Polyphonic Filter Effects (Tremolo) (with Memorymoog)

9 thoughts on “Shut Up & Play: The Moog Rogue Factory Patches

  1. The Realistic MG-1 was essentially a Rogue that also included an expanded organesque poly section.
    Get to your local Radio Shack and get an MG-1.

  2. These factory patches – and variants of same – really have been used on a bunch of commercial recordings.

    “Violin” and “Frankenfunk” definitely ring several bells. The Taurus-like bass sound also hits the spot.

    Pretty great instrument considering how basic it is.

  3. As a long time Prodigy owner i always kinda turned my nose up at the Rogue because the panel seemed weird. A knob for key tracking but a sticky slider for VCF frequency? I was slightly jealous of the auto-trig and S&H waveform though. Anyway they both sound sweet as candy.

  4. The irony of someone insisting to “just hear the synth” while using a low quality sound platform such as Youtube isn’t lost on me.

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