Sinevibes Updates Albedo Granular Reverb For Korg Multi-Engine

Sinevibes has released a free update for Albedo, their granular cloud reverb for Korg synthesizers.

The update adds reverse grain playback mode, increased grain size adjustment range and more.

Albedo is a granular cloud reverb plugin for the Korg prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It continuously records audio into a buffer, and at the same time plays multiple looping snippets from it – with each such snippet or “grain” having its own randomized size and position.

Together with feedback and additional stereo widening, this creates a lush “cloud of sound” reverb effect.

The algorithm also features a “freeze” mode: it can stop overwriting the buffer and play the granular cloud indefinitely, making it possible to layer any other sounds on top of it.

Pricing and Availability

Albedo is available now for $19 USD. The update is free to existing owners.

3 thoughts on “Sinevibes Updates Albedo Granular Reverb For Korg Multi-Engine

  1. Every Sinevibes plug-in is like another module on a growing Eurorack system. Somebody should do a Kebu number with a Prologue and several XDs. All-black synths, gigantic mystery sound.

  2. Very nice upgrade. I’m having a hard time getting all my favorites in slots now :0) Drift is still my favorite to pair with Albedo.

    Nice to see more reverb slot options lately.

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