Voltage Modular Intros ARP 2500-Inspired Virtual Modular Synthesizer

Cherry Audio, in collaboration with MRB Labs, has introduced the VM2500 Collection – a set of new modules for the Voltage Modular platform, based on the rare ARP 2500 modular synthesizer.

All 18 modules originally produced for the ARP 2500 system have been recreated in software, as well as a couple that were planned, but never produced, including a full-function oscilloscope and a spring reverb. In addition, it includes a new mixer module that’s designed to match the original modules.

The VM2500 collection dispenses with the most iconic feature of the original 2500, its huge patch matrix, replacing it with standard CV jacks. They’ve also added bi-polar CV attenuators to all modulation inputs, for full compatibility with other Voltage Modular modules.

Here’s what Cherry Audio has to say about the VM2500 Collection:

“The tremendous analog sound and unique features of the original modules have been retained in their entirety, with a few small tweaks to improve the practicality of these 50-year-old designs.

The recreation of the 2500 modules was a team effort, combining Cherry Audio’s extensive design experience with award-winning synth designer Mark Barton’s (MRB) DSP coding sorcery.

The result is a virtual time machine of fat, impactful early electronic music history for the ears!”

Pricing and Availability

VM2500 Collection is available now, with an intro price of $49.00 USD (normally $69.00).

3 thoughts on “Voltage Modular Intros ARP 2500-Inspired Virtual Modular Synthesizer

  1. I am curious to know if the DSP in this is any good. I’ve got their 2600 implementation, and to my ears it sounds rather lackluster, in comparison to modular from Native Instrument & Softube.

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