Black Corporation Intros Jupiter-8 Inspired ISE-NIN Synthesizer

Boutique synth maker Black Corporation has announced a new analog synthesizer, inspired by the classic Roland Jupiter-8, the ISE-NIN.

The company has previous released three well-respected analog synth modules, Deckard’s Dream, Kijimi, & Xerxes. Each is an original design that takes inspiration from a classic analog synthesizer.

Designer Roman Filippov shared the news via social media:

“It’s been a while since the last BC poly synth release. Please meet ISE-NIN.

Coming later this year, with a full MPE support and micro tuning by ODDSound MTS-ESP!

Preorders will start next week on our website.”

The name, ISE-NIN, is not a shout out to Nine Inch Nails, but to Russian poet Sergei Yesenin.

Details are to come at the Black Corporation site.

25 thoughts on “Black Corporation Intros Jupiter-8 Inspired ISE-NIN Synthesizer

  1. Roland’s Jupiter X keyboard is around $2,600 and the Xm version around $1,500. Both have proven to offer a very accurate purist reproduction of the original JP-8 sound. The BC version will most likely be priced in the same arena. I’m a DAW monkey now, so I wouldn’t know hands-on, but people who play their gear seem to have zero complaints. Some dislike the JP-X form. Here’s your best analog option, minus the Roland pitch paddle.

    1. The SOS review found the Jupiter X’s ABM emulation of the Jupiter 8 to me less authentic than the ACB implemention in the System 8 (and JP-08)… and a truly analog version has the potential to be an even better reproduction.

    2. Virtual models are capable of proper reproduction since decade at least. Problem is, when one goes into cross modulation territory. Right now I don’t know any digital synth that could reproduce proper cross modulation tone and I have JB Solaris here (or try modular and then recreate this patch in digital realm). I don’t want to say that it is worse. I even take it as one of reasons to invest in VA – having those quirky reproduction tones. But please: don’t claim that something is proper reproduction, when only proven to work that way in subset of possibilities of original.

  2. i’d like this with CV points for the filters and vcos, lfo, egs etc, and with the jupiter 4 filter in addition or instead, has a different sound similar to the prophet rev. switch showed the old one was better on the new prophets! also never skimp on the interface, make it visually pleasing and clear, lights like the behringer arp? eye candy plus synth candy hmmmm that’d be way better than their pro-800 clone (bro-800?)

      1. for polyphonic keyboard playing i can understand but for other duties like modulation why not. if you can turn one knob and control all voices together it seems very possible.
        still, if your sound based on the external modulation the preset will be a little meaningless…

  3. Very nice, like their other synthesizers. Now that they’ve proven themselves (a few times over actually) I personally feel they should venture into creating a new synthesizer, explore the frontier, explode the boundaries. Push the envelope!

    1. Actually, VCOs in Xerxes are novel design. This is, why they claim “inspired by”. DD is – in reverse – castrated replica of CS-80 (not even expander brings back proper RM, as those are polyphonic in original). If you look at their lineup, they might ventured into things that are hard to beat in this form factor. Modulation madness in Kijimi, interesting sound blocks in Xerxes, interesting voice architecture in Deckard’s Dream. ISE-NIN looks like safest bet, relying only on VCOs+VCFs interesting character. And I keep my fingers crossed for making VCO discreet like in JP8 and not like in Super Jupiter (don’t remember chip’s name right now).

      Most interesting new design comes from Heinakroon. Concept named Positron, based on Neutron voice, and it keep close resemblance of PolyBrute, and Heinakroon said that it was born two years ago, showing how universal those designs are. If added third oscillator, it could be more like Moog One. Or another synth that name I don’t remember now (keeping close resemblance of Prologue with it’s oscillators section). Or Nord Lead 3 for UI. Or Modal 002/008 (for modulation assignment).

      What I want to say is that there is not much new territory, unless someone makes breakthrough in voice components at least (and in synth technology at most, but that is rarely to happen). And look at how little attention was put at Neutron’s filter design, that is quite novel and – in my opinion – very musical.

      1. allot is “new”on modern synth , it’s just in the fine details and usually missed. so much added options and complexity compering to the old one
        if you just rtfm 🙂

  4. Black Corp Synths – collect them all! i wish i could. 😉 this is cool, i don’t like the orange at all though, would be better as a light gray / blue or something.

  5. Looks interesting but wish they would produce more Xerxes already. I’ve had one on backorder for like 6 months now

  6. For those of us with relatively shallow pockets, the forthcoming Behringer Jupiter 8 iteration will likely be less $$$.

        1. TimS, you tried to do this many times before, also with black corop’ deckard’s dream (you called yourself crapola and the admin moderate your comment).
          you seems to always looking for opportunity to call everything too expensive, saying modern copies are better then the vintage one, bashing korg, arturia and roland product and trying hard to bring up the behringer name anyway you can.
          you seem to always defend behringer and your comment are featured on every single behringer article on synthtopia.
          I know your “question” now is just to give you a “stage” for more of this so maybe just change your user name again and answer yourself, if you didn’t do that already.

        2. Quality overal. Behringer gear is cheap junk period. Sent any synth back to Behringer. They won’t repair it and dump it in the trash. That’s how you know Behringer is Total waste.

          1. That hasn’t been my experience at all. I have two Behringer synths (Neutron and Model D) and have been using them often for years. They sound great and have given me zero problems. They’ll have to pry the Neutron from my cold dead hands. That thing is great.

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