New DinoPark Module Brings 7 CreamWare Synthesizers To Your Eurorack System

 MakePro X has introduced DinoPark, a new module that brings classic CreamWare synthesizers to your Eurorack system.

Using CreamWare’s modelling technology, DinoPark offers seven models, featuring a variety of synthesis methods, including subtractive synthesis, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis and physical modeling. These synths include the Minimax, Prodyssey, Pro-12 and more.

It also features an effects section with Delay, Chorus/Flanger, Saturation and Bass/Treble EQ; a mixer with stereo input; S/PDIF I/O for audio chaining of multiple DinoParks; and extensive CV & MIDI I/O.


  • A total of 7 synthesizers for your Eurorack, while still small in size
  • Brings the highly respected CreamWare plugin technology back to life
  • Features a complete set of fully tweakable Drum Instruments
  • Full voice, expressive Bass Synthesizer alongside your Drum Kit
  • Expandable with “Dino Dials” Encoder Module – assignable, touch sensitive knobs
  • Integrates into the modular MakePro System – for as much tactile control as you want

In the video demo above,  Jörg Schaaf from Radikal Technologies gives an introduction to the DinoPark Eurorack Module.

Pricing and Availability

Details on pricing and availability are still to come at the MakePro X site.



9 thoughts on “New DinoPark Module Brings 7 CreamWare Synthesizers To Your Eurorack System

  1. I’m a bit confused… this was announced at superbooth 2 years ago with prices… I get why it’s been delayed but no pricing seems weird…

    1. this is like the 10th product with the same code in 20 years.

      creamware pulsars cards, luna, elektra, plugiator, noah,all the asb series, klangbox…
      sonic core scope xite-1
      cme asx (expansion card)
      make pro audio dino park
      now makepro x dino park…

      we can also add ferrofish a16 converters series, it’s not the code but another example for recycled technology from the same “home”
      what’s going on?

  2. creamware synths sound good, so its pretty cool

    modular stuff these days is so intense and complicated, the kinds of systems available are beyond mind boggling

  3. We have so much access to analogue synths these days, really guys just get over it. There is a vast world of what one can do with dsp out there, modeling is a thing of the past.

  4. They should do just ONE thing: the MODULAR 4 + Flexor in a module + building software.
    This would be a very interesting and competitive synth.

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