Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Clone ‘Profree’ Now Open Source Project

Japanese musical instrument development team Piko Piko Factory recently announced plans to open source Profree-4, a hardware clone of the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 synthesizer.

Profree-4, originally called ‘Prophet-Mini’, is a new mini-synth design based on the classic Prophet-5 rev 3.2. The developers say that they are essentially cloning the analog voice of the original, but creating a keyboard hardware design and microcomputer controller.

The developers shared video of their initial Profree audio test over the weekend:

The project is currently in development. You can follow development via the Piko Piko F Patreon or Twitter.

If any readers have additional information on the project, share it in the comments!

via Andreas

9 thoughts on “Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Clone ‘Profree’ Now Open Source Project

    1. People would be amazed that Behringer gave something back to the open source community for the first time, vs just taking from it.

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