Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Overview & Demo

The latest Sonic Lab video takes a look at Cherry Audio Voltage Modular – a software modular synthesizer that is inspired by Eurorack modular synths, but without the physical limitations and financial barriers.

The platform now offers more than 1,000 modules. The base system comes with 22 modules. Options with a wider selection of modules are also available, and it features a built-in module store.

For more info, see the Cherry Audio site.

If you’ve used Voltage Modular, share your thoughts on it in the comments – and how you think it compares to Reaktor, VCV Rack and other modular options.

4 thoughts on “Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Overview & Demo

    1. I have no idea why you’re writing this in a comment under an unrelated article as opposed to contacting the blog author directly.

  1. I expect people who already have 516HP of Eurorack aren’t really their target audience. But when I tried the demo, with the included modules, I wasn’t impressed with some of the details.

    E.g. the delay had no CV control — so you can’t use it for chorus/flanging, comb filtering, Karplus-Strong, phase modulation or any of the other cool reasons to have a delay in a Eurorack system, instead of just a pedal or plugins. Probably somewhere in those 1000 modules is one that would do the job, but it made me question how well they “get” modular.

    Also, I can’t put my finger on why and it’s probably just some subjective thing, but patching it and navigating felt more clumsy to me than some other options like VCV, AAS Multiphonics, or Bitwig Grid.

    1. The Chorus and Stereo Delay modules both have fully CV’able delay time, feedback, and wet/dry controls. The Chorus module works really well for all manner of mad flanging/chorus, Karplus-Strong, etc.

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