MOD Dwarf Multi-Effects Stompbox Now Available

MOD Devices has announced that the MOD Dwarf –  a new dual-channel multi-effects pedal – is now available.

The MOD Dwarf lets you used 400+ free and commercial plugins, which can be patched using a browser-based visual interface that lets you split, join and feedback signals in a modular fashion.

Your patches can be saved, uploaded to the cloud, and used anytime, without the necessity of a computer.

The MOD Dwarf was originally introduced and funded via a successful Kickstarter project.


  • Two fully independent audio channels, each with separate gain control allowing for any instrument or signal you plugin.
  • Modular patching: split, join, feedback and rearrange your signal chain freely.
  • More than four hundred free plugins available in the online Plugin Shop.
  • Standalone PX30 Rockchip Quadcore, 1.3GHz audio processor
  • Mini MIDI Jacks and USB-MIDI expandable with any USB-Hub. Class-compliant MIDI Learn.
  • Designed for using both standalone or assisted by a computer for intensive creative patching.
  • 3 Knobs, 3 push buttons and three footswitches fully assignable to any parameter.
  • Single large LED screens for maximum visual feedback.
  • Customizable User Profile slots for several plug & play scenarios.

Mod Dwarf Overview Video:

Pricing and Availability

The MOD Dwarf is available globally, through international distribution and retail partners as well as at the MOD Devices Webshop, for 499.00 Euro inside EU or $499 USD internationally.

21 thoughts on “MOD Dwarf Multi-Effects Stompbox Now Available

  1. I was backer on the original Kickstarter project and have not even received my device yet, why can you then order it from their online store? :S

    is this a hoax?

    1. They explained this in update #22 of the campaign – “ Due to COVID-related impacts on our production output capacity as well as on our general cash flow, we are being forced to start normal sales before we can finish the fulfillment of the crowdfunding campaign units, meaning that fulfillment of Kickstarter rewards will happen in parallel with the fulfillment of new incoming sales, diminishing the number of Kickstarter units shipped per week. We will give additional rewards to the affected Kickstarter backers as compensation for their added waiting time.” It’s not ideal or great, but understandable.

      Update #26 then gave backers an option to chose a time frame for when they’d like to received their unit – with extra rewards given for the longer you’re willing to wait.

  2. This looks like a dream features set. I love the open software approach and super-configurable path. MIDI in/out is really useful for calling presets from a loop (i/o) station.

    A while back I was curious if it could handle running reverb convolution (which is CPU demanding). I vaguely remember that wasn’t available when I checked.

    If it has cab & reverb IR loading capability, that’s a pretty serious option (as compared to Beebo).

  3. Let me get this straight: they pulled in over €212,000(!) – more than twice the goal they had pledged(!!) – from their backers to produce the item, in exchange for those backers getting the item first; now they are selling and shipping this item to almost everybody in the whole wide world but their backers; and their brilliant excuse is – and I hope I’m getting this right – that… well… they NEED that money?!

    …and these people get zero criticism for their business practices on Synthtopia from any of the usual self-righteous gatekeepers of morality, is that right? This is absolutely delicious…

    1. Backers saved about a quarter off the retail price.

      Backers had the choice to either get their device from the first shipment, or wait a couple of months and get a bunch of additional perks:

      – MOD Dwarf “We love our backers” Edition:
      – custom Laser Engraving – exclusive color
      – the following commercial plugins for free:
      – Guitarix Cream Machine – Power amplifier simulation
      – Shiroverb mkII Reverb
      – Shiro Gaffa Tape Delay
      – Forward Audio California Mesa Boogie Cabsim
      – Looperlative two-track advanced looper

      Mod Devices has been good about providing updates.

      And they keep updating the firmware and number of plugins it can run.

      So not too much to complain about, really.

      There have been some Kickstarters that haven’t delivered what they promised (Buchla & Subotnick documentaries, Kordbot, etc) but that’s sort of the point of crowdfunding projects, you’re taking risk to help make something happen in exchange for a good deal.

      1. Hi Ed,
        1. I agree on that Mod Devices has been good at sending mails, but this reverse production delivery is really giving a bad name to crowdfunding.
        2. They ran 2 successful campaigns, first on Kickstarter for with 212.000+€ and next Indiegogo with 316.000€+ €
        3. Kordbot has been delivered to the backers by isla instruments from my understanding.
        4. “ wait a couple of months” < It was promised to be delivered on 02.december 2020, couple of months has soon turned into 1+ year, when you also add the waiting time from backer payment.

        But yeah the “compensation” with additional perks is nice.

        1. There are a lot of unhappy Kordbot backers that were disappointed with the hardware quality, vendor communication and the firmware.

          My understanding is that Isla did tell backers that they could return the device and get their money back, but there was definitely a negative buzz around that kickstarter that put me off the product.

          On the other hand, I haven’t heard anything but good things about Isla’s S2400, which is selling for $1500 new, but $2000 used on Reverb because they can’t make them fast enought.

    2. It doesn’t take much effort to look at the surface facts and draw a quick (negative) judgement, based on that small amount of information.

      OTOH, it takes considerable effort and expense to bring out a product like this under normal circumstances. Throw in crippled supply lines from COVID, and I imagine all those challenges multiply.

      The fact that they have offered a pretty fair compromise to make it happen is commendable.

      Fortunately, we can all decide for ourselves who are the self-righteous gatekeepers of morality.

    3. You are spot on. I can only say that one of the many reason why they need that money, is to pay the salaries of their employees that haven’t got paid on time since December 🙂

  4. It’s not exactly a “successful Kickstarter campaign” if backers receive their units later than regular retail customers 😀

  5. “It doesn’t take much effort to look at the surface facts and draw a quick (negative) judgement, based on that small amount of information.”
    Which, I presume, is why it has never stopped any of the self-righteous gatekeepers of morality here to consistently do so with certain other companies…

    “OTOH, it takes considerable effort and expense to bring out a product like this under normal circumstances.”
    Wholly irrelevant to the issue. This is a constrain every single other manufacturer is facing as well, hence it doesn’t constitute acceptable excuse for one specific manufacturer to violate the trust of its paying customers.

    But again, I totally understand. Everybody’s equal; it’s just that some are more equal than others, right? If a small manufacturer acts distastefully and dishonestly, it’s totally OK; I mean, they are small ya’know, “they need the money”, so rules of ethics no longer apply to them. If your favourite manufacturer acts distastefully and dishonestly, it’s totally OK; I mean, they are favourite ya’know, “they need the money”, so rules of ethics no longer apply to them. After all, surely we can’t expect all manufacturers to be held to the same standards by the morally enlightened?

    (Oh, and I’m not a paid commenter. My identify can be easily confirmed as I have used the same across multiple platforms and boards for around 20 years now; I’m not working in the industry, and have zero financial interest in any businesses; and have vented against the practices of all synth manufacturer – yes, against the one hated here the most too, including comments on YouTube – without discrimination. It’s just that the overwhelming stench of hypocrisy occasionally bothers my sensitive nose.)

    1. Why do you need everyone to conform to your moral standards? I do think it is more acceptable for small operations to behave this way than large corporations. If a small restaurant is understaffed and my order takes longer than normal, I understand. If I’m at a McDonald’s and my order takes 30 minutes, I’m angry. Some people have to wait a few weeks longer to get their luxury effects pedal that they purchased understanding the potential pitfalls of crowdfunding – big deal?

    2. You are very comfortable making so many careless assumptions and harsh judgements based on nothing.

      Crowd-sourced projects from smaller companies do have more challenges. Without established supply-lines, or in-house fabrication, it can be very challenging and expensive, especially when things don’t go as promised from sub-contractors. So, yes, it is relevant to the issue.

      Funders did indeed have their expectations disappointed. A worldwide pandemic is a perfectly reasonable explanation for supplies/subs not being able to deliver on time or at previously expected costs.

      You suggest that this company has done something dishonest and unethical. If that is true, then just say what was dishonest and unethical and let your readers be the judge. You seem to be hurling bile without really saying what exactly it is that bothers you. Honestly, I don’t understand what Mod Devices, or Synthtopia (for that matter) have done that bothers you so much.

      Can you please spell out what the hypocrisy is?

    1. Hi Sean, is it the same thing, sound wise ? any experience to share on this version of modep ? would a raspi 3 + the pisound soundcard provide the very same features as the Mod Devices devices ?

      Many thanks for your feedback on this

  6. Yeah, it’s a serious bummer to have backed the kickstarter and see the units for sale before I (and most others) receive our units. Yes, covid is a huge challenge, but I personally feel there were surely other ways to financially make this work. Many other companies did. Credit to them for being honest about the situation up front, but I don’t feel they really made it worth while for the wait. It was a token gesture to give some free software worth next to nothing, or a “custom color and engraving”. Valueless to me.

    The bottom line for me personally is, I am tolerant to wait for a couple months given the world wide circumstances, but I’m reserving final judgement to see if they actually delivery on this later shipment promise, or bump that as well. And either way, I wish the company the best of luck and am excited for the product, but I will NEVER be backing them for any kickstarter product again. Trust in the product is not lost, but trust in the operation of the company is, at least for now.

    1. Why did you choose to wait, then, instead of choosing the June/July shipment?

      Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like they gave you a choice and now you’re complaining about the choice you made.

      1. Just the opposite. Not complaining about the choice I made, and in fact being extremely understanding and tolerant of the situation. I chose the mid-way delivery option. Tolerant enough to wait a bit and not demand a rush during a hard time, but also trying to send a soft message that this isn’t really ok.. while at the same time saying, “never again”. And fwiw, the “june/july” shipments only just finished, halfway into the “august/september” shipments. If anyone expected this to resolve on time, it was hopeful thinking. I truly do hope the company and this product are super successful, but it’s also a distinct possibility that I never receive my unit and am out the $$.

    2. FWIW, end of October currently and still waiting on my “august/september” shipment. Like other things I’ve ordered, I’m not expecting to see any of it until next year.

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