Roland Intros 909-Themed Jacket, Hats, Hoodies & More

As part of its 909 Day celebration, Roland has introduced a special edition TR-909 Jacket, along with 909-themed hats, t-shirts and hoodies.

Pricing & Availability

The 909 Day 2021 TR-909 Jacket and Roland X BPM Supreme apparel collection are available now, with the following pricing:

  • Roland TR-909 Jacket: $499.09
  • Roland 909 X BPM Pullover Hoodie: $69.95
  • Roland 909 X BPM T-Shirt: $32.95
  • Roland 909 X BPM Snapback Hat: $40

32 thoughts on “Roland Intros 909-Themed Jacket, Hats, Hoodies & More

  1. These are kinda cool…

    – Roland TR-909 Jacket: $499.09

    More than a contemporary drum machine? GTFO. This is one case where I positively endorse counterfeits.

    1. a Gucci jacket can reach 1000 €+ plus, and at the end of the day, I would still rather wear a Roland TR-909 bomber jacket than a gucci jacket, even if I could choose one for free. no doubt!

  2. exactly 30 years too late haha

    i would much rather wear a behringer jacket and be edgy, this stuff not even wannabee hipsters are going to buy

    1. What makes you think that it would be “edgy”? You would just look stupid. I’d probably laugh if I’d see some tryhard wearing merch from that knock-off company.

      1. and while you are all caught up in your irony-less selfrightious laughing you don’t even notice that in the meantime I have pasted some B-brand stickers on your modular case as well as on your car 😀

  3. What a f***ing farce Roland are

    Behold some of the cool announcements of late:

    The new ASM synths, Sequential Take 5

    Whatever UDO are up to – something nice at any rate

    Waldorf teasing some cool hardware…

    Roland.. this absolute shite to help you look like the ultimate hipster tosser at ridiculous prices


    1. Can’t really blame Roland for this. Most people love to pay for overpriced stuff if a name or logo is on it.
      People are walking around with 1000,- outfits and still look like shit. They even pay extra when there are a few holes in it as well. Thats the world we live in folks.

  4. Jacket or Synth?
    Synth any day $500 dollars for a jacket is Money RAPE.
    Cant get an abortion in Texas but can get RAPE!

    I guest the Supreme apparel collection is vintage like the machines.
    This is the super wanna be clothing because a real person would buy gear to make music, not show how cool it is to be a douchebag in over price clothing.

    Really Roland Rape the land?

  5. but somehow this is beyond being mad at them, it’s more like the stage when intervention is sad but necessary, like “hey Roland… we have a place you can go for a while to help you come back to reality”.

  6. There are a load of people who don’t check internet comments that are into this, especially old heads, otherwise Roland wouldn’t release or price this way.

    Ah, *and* it’s a Supreme collaboration. Yeah, say what you want about Roland’s tech product decisions or lack thereof, this is easy brand cheese for them.

    1. Yamaha has made motorcycles for years, try google “yamaha motorcycles” 😉

      … blame me going off topic – it is a fashion site and i post about motorcycles.

  7. I say go buy a instrument make music not clothes to look cool!
    Just think what one can do with $643 dollars the cost of the whole collection.
    Wow Roland you get pie in your face for this one…..
    How about making a complete modular synth system for that cost!
    Now that’s empowerment!

    1. They hired “malekko” to recreate their modular system 500.
      They offer that but everyone denies it.

      Still *grabs another pie – whoosh!*

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