BOSS SY-200 Synthesizer Pedal Offers Latency-Free Performance With Any Guitar Or Bass

BOSS today introduced the SY-200 Synthesizer, a stompbox-style guitar synth pedal that works with any guitar or bass, without a special pickup and supports MIDI I/O via 3.5 mm TRS jacks.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Offering a universe of rich, analog-inspired polyphonic tones in a small footprint, the SY-200 makes it simple to weave BOSS’s expressive guitar and bass synth technology into all of your musical journeys. Building on the fun, instant-gratification experience of the acclaimed SY-1, this blue inspiration machine features an expanded sound set, more tone-shaping possibilities, and 128 memories for storing your sonic creations.

Two onboard footswitches provide deep real-time performance control, and you can take things even further with external footswitches, an expression pedal, and MIDI.”


  • Advanced BOSS polyphonic guitar synth technology in a streamlined 200 series pedal
  • 12 analog-style synth categories with many variations in each (171 sounds total)
  • Three adjustable parameters for customizing sounds
  • 128 memories for saving and recalling sounds
  • Fast sound creation with hands-on controls and large display
  • No special pickup required—play rich, dynamic synth tones with any guitar or bass
  • Latency-free performance for unrestricted musical expression
  • Assignable Memory/CTL 1 switch for memory change, hold, pitch control, and more
  • Blend synth and normal guitar sounds with independent level controls
  • Parallel send/return loop for easy integration with other pedals on your board
  • Selectable modes for globally optimizing the synth engine for guitar or bass
  • Supports extended control with up to two external footswitches or an expression pedal
  • Full MIDI I/O provided with space-saving 3.5 mm TRS jacks (connection cables available separately)
  • Micro USB jack for firmware updates
  • Runs on PSA-series AC adaptor or three AA-size batteries

Pricing and Availability

The BOSS SY-200 is available to pre-order now at some retailers, priced around $300 USD.

17 thoughts on “BOSS SY-200 Synthesizer Pedal Offers Latency-Free Performance With Any Guitar Or Bass

  1. “RV 200” Reverb When?
    Everyone waits for that since the announcement of the 200 series stompboxes.

    What is it with roland that they never ever listen to their target audience?
    What do they base their developement decisions, from synths all the way to guitar effects, on?

    They offer quality gear but never what customers ask for!

    Would be happy if they proove me wrong and drop the RV 200!

  2. I’ve been happy with my SY-1000. It’s a really powerful and massively versatile device. Even though it is labeled as a synth, I mostly use it for the (excellent) modeling of guitars/basses, as well as the great amps & FX. It does all of that very well. There have been a few complaints about some tracking issues, but Boss recently released a fix in a beta firmware update (not available to the wider public) which many users report have fixed the issue. That firmware will get an official release soon.

    If this SY-200 has fast conversion to MIDI, that alone could be a pretty strong selling point. There have been many failed and abandoned attempts at audio to MIDI conversion. Let’s hope they at least get us closer.

    1. It’s eerily similar to their “trailer” for the SY-1000. And, let’s also remember that there was a fella hawking the SY-1000 with some kind of eyeglass or maybe it was a hat, that was made of neon. Over the top.

      Perhaps someone told their marketing dept: “People in the United States are crazy for cheese.” and there was something of a misunderstanding.

    1. By avoiding MIDI, they avoid the limitations of MIDI.

      The result would be high-latency slop with standard MIDI, and MIDI 2.0 is arguably vaporware still.

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