Humbletune Intros Rymdigare Reverb + Drone Machine For iOS

Humbletune has introduced Rymdigare, a new iOS effect that they say is part reverb, part noise and drone machine, part quality degrader and part wave shaper.

The reverb is built from 5 reverberation ‘boxes’, where you can control the sound with length and ratio parameters, tail and weight skew parameters and an internal feedback parameter, that could be used to create swelling tails. There is also a built in octave shifter, resonant filter, speed and level degrader and 4 LFO sources for modulating a selected set of parameters, including the LFO speeds themselves.

The app can run stand-alone, connecting to other apps through Inter App Audio or AudioBus or it can run as an AUv3 plugin. You can map and control any parameter with MIDI using Core MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI, Inter App Audio MIDI or AUv3 MIDI.


  • Resonant filter (low, band or high pass)
  • Noise and drone machine
  • Level and speed degrader
  • Waveshaper (input and output gain)
  • Reverb (length, ratio, skew, tail, feedback and type: free, bpm, tuned)
  • Reverb random variation controls
  • Octave shifter up and down
  • Planet orbits (LFO: double tap on parameter controls to map)
  • Inter App Audio, AudioBus and AUv3
  • Map Midi CC using Core MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI, IAA Midi or AUv3 MIDI.

Pricing and Availability

Rymdigare is available now for $4.99 USD.

8 thoughts on “Humbletune Intros Rymdigare Reverb + Drone Machine For iOS

  1. Nice little story in the video but some actual app usage would do much more toward making me want to purchase. Sort of like a videogame trailer made of cutscenes and animation that isn’t even in the game. Add whatever narrative bells and whistle you want but please just show us how your product actually works.

  2. Good lord! Why would you transport five mysterious boxes back to earth? You don’t know what they are and you sure as hell can’t control them! It’s just irresponsible.

    1. What Are those big eggs at the bottom of the crates?….. let me take a closer look……”No one can here your reverb in space” now that’s irony

  3. I tried it and not loving it so far. Was hoping for drones going through reverbs and delays got nothing but feedback. I could be extra dumb today though. So far a cute way to lose $5.

    Am I doing something wrong? I twiddled all the knobs and tried presets

  4. Love Eric’s apps and this one is extra special one!

    Jakob Haq has done an excellent video explaining and exploring this app.
    I learned a lot as I usually do with Jakob’s videos.

    Rymdigare | A Spaced out Multi FX AUv3 plug in from the cosiest man in Sweden | haQ attaQ

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