Dubler 2 Turns Your Voice Into A MIDI Controller

Vochlea Music has released Dubler 2, a software-only voice-to-MIDI desktop application.

The app is a follow up to their earlier Dubler Studio Kit, a complete voice-to-MIDI solution that included a microphone. The developers say the Dubler 2 is lighter on CPU, while also offering more features and a built-in audio engine.

Here’s what’s new in Dubler 2:

  • More Accessible: Dubler 2 will be software-only with a free 7-day trial available for users before purchase. Dubler 2 will work with any DAW.
  • Use Any Microphone: A new calibration process allows you to make Dubler 2 compatible with your preferred microphone.
  • Customizable Audio Settings: Allows for professional set-ups with advanced audio interfaces.
  • Inbuilt Audio: A selection of synth presets and an 808 sample pack, allows you to play with Dubler 2 without connecting to a DAW (a DAW is still required for recording).
  • Scales: At least 14 new scales added, and improved key detection and suggestion.
  • Advanced Chords: Library of chord presets, voicing options, custom chord options and more.
  • Advanced Pitch Bend: Featuring; IntelliBend— a smart pitch bend that will anchor you to a note until you want to bend away from it and TruBend— an true-to-voice pitch bend option.
  • CPU Improvements: A completely rebuilt engine with performance improvements, making Dubler 2 ultra light on CPU.
  • A New UI: A more intuitive tab-based UI and design— making Dubler 2 easier to navigate.

Pricing and Availability:

Dubler 2 is available now for $249 USD.


8 thoughts on “Dubler 2 Turns Your Voice Into A MIDI Controller

    1. Yea, given the horrible track record of pitch-to-midi up to now, I’d say move that decimal to the left one slot (at least).

      If it delivers, then it’s probably worth it. But that’s a big if.

    2. Very interesting concept, good example of lateral thinking. Vocal expression is something that comes very naturally to humans and this software, which also has a very nice design, takes advantage of that.

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