M²Synth 5U Modular Synth Now Available To Pre-Order

Soundtronics has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the M²Synth, a full-size 5U modular analog synthesizer system that’s designed to be affordable and expandable.

“We set ourselves the challenge of designing a modular synth that would not only sound great and look the part but be more affordable than other similar-sized systems,” they note. “After 2 years of R&D, we are excited to reveal the M²Synth. With your help, we can put the M²Synth into production and allow more budding analog enthusiasts and established musicians to enjoy the wonders that 5U modular synths bring.”

The focus of their launch campaign is on complete modular synth systems. After the Kickstarter systems ship, they plan on making all systems, modules and Pods available individually.

Soundtronics shared these goals for their system:

  • A complete solution, not just focusing on module manufacturing
  • Significantly lower cost than comparable synths
  • To retain the retro module look but in a modern sleek design
  • To reduce the overall size of the modular, especially depth (low profile)
  • Portability for those gigging or going to meets
  • Expandability without obsolescence
  • Robust and hard-wearing
  • Ease of use and not ‘fiddly’

Here’s a sample patch, featuring their Chord 102 VCO, State Variable Filter 112, 2 LFOs and an ADSR:

Pricing and Availability

The M²Synth is available in a variety of configurations to project backers, with pricing starting at about $1,371 for a 9-module system.

Note: Kickstarter projects can involve risks, which is documented on the project site.

3 thoughts on “M²Synth 5U Modular Synth Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. With components at sky high cost right now how can they keep this affordable? Hats off to them that they found a way! With supply and demand rocking and rolling out there….it’s gotta be tough n hopefully profit margins stay above the water line!

  2. $1300 isn’t cheap, but it’s less than you’d probably pay for 9 decent Eurorack modules and a case, so it’s pretty impressive to me that they’re offering what look to be very nicely designed full-size modules. Their rack system looks to be a game changer for large format synths – most 5U cases are close to foot deep.

  3. for a certain 5u OSC I’m looking at 1300 2nd hand for a Zyndustries Zerooacillator. so in conclusion yes I buy this setup possibly just to switch it out for the above module to add some more spice. components and prices are sky high however gear and things that are already made sometimes can be sitting around collecting dust. I’ve been playing and been into since for over many years and it wasn’t up until this last year that I took the plunge into getting into modular. in my honest opinion I don’t think there’s been a better time to get into this stuff. in the 90s you had nothing but a flood of digital ayntha or you had racks and racks of sound modules and some complicated studio setup that you can never take live with you and that you’d have to put on to some kind of looper or laptop daw setup and basically press play or trigger your loops and samples and act like you’re playing a bunch of complicated stuff the whole time. there’s no need for that kind of stuff anymore you can easily get a whole modular system for under a thousand. I think it’s was 1,200 for the tinre Beringer rooms system 100m clones. basically there’s no time like the present I think prices are fair than ever and most cases so let’s live a little enjoy life and make music.

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