BLINKSONIC° Intros COLLIDZ°, A Reaktor 6 Instrument With 4 Synth Engines

BLINKSONIC° has introduced COLLIDZ°, a new Reaktor 6 instrument that features four synth engines, sequenced by a polyrhythmic program of 12 scaled or microtonal notes.

The company describes it as “a new paradigm around harmonic scores creation, melodic sequences programming, and real-time note interpretation.”

To use, you:

  • Preselect the notes/frequencies you want to play, with twelve notes of polyphony
  • Define individual tempo signature & rhythmic rules for each note selected…. And launch them manually or through a  polyrhythmic sequencer.
  • Find variations to your sequences with smart position & tempo wrappers, randomization functions & powerful transposition features.
  • Choose from classical scales and modes, set your custom tunings, or explore temperament settings and microtonal scales.


  • 4 synth engines:
    • STROKES – Percussive synth based on FM operators.
    • FRICTION – Modal synthesis strings emulator.
    • GROUND – Two oscillators based subtractive synth.
    • SHOCK – Virtual analog drum and percussion engine.
  • 4 effects:
    • LARSEN – Resonate/shifter module.
    • FROST – Micro Delay/Freeze.
    • FEATHER – Digital Reverb.
    • JUICE – SSB Radio and Tape Machine emulator.
  • Many other options, including: Global Midi Transposer, LFOs, custom BPM commands, OTT compressor, random phrase generator, external input and looper, audio to gate converter.
  • 100 snapshots to get you started

Note: Requires Native Instruments Reaktor 6 full version.

Pricing and Availability

COLLIDZ° is available until 24th of March 2022 for €99, with the discount code COLLIDZ on check-out. Normally €129.

9 thoughts on “BLINKSONIC° Intros COLLIDZ°, A Reaktor 6 Instrument With 4 Synth Engines

  1. Cool, an in-between creature that’s part synth and part effect. Some aren’t aimed at keyboardists. They’re more of a sound designer/sampler tool. I can see someone happily sweating over this for its quirkiness. It could be used at several points in the audio chain and serve different purposes. Kind of a kitchen sink minus a keyboard. Looks like a good candidate for an alternate controller, especially touch pads Hyve-style.

  2. Since ive been using Phase Plant, every soft synth looks like a GUI labryinth. Thats the one selling point for me, a still image of a soft synth that I can understand right off the back. Otherwise everything looks like Harmor from FL studio or.. pretty much all of fl studios big synths. Just a whole lotta “whats that button do” and since they are a dime a dozen, you kinda just want to find one that you like, can dive into and just stick with that. It was Pigments at one point. Just one of the reasons I apreciate Bitwigs native instruments. Even the worst candidate for a scattered interface isnt so bad. Not so much for ableton, once your interface has tabs, im out. Dont want none of that noise. This sounds amazin but looks unproductive. Like a hot girl with a bad personality.

  3. I have had Collidz since Saturday. It is a bit broken at the moment. There is a very loud and unhealthy static click noise when using most of the Collidz UI controls. It makes it unusable. I have been back and forth with Blinksonic with no resolution. But it will be wonderful when it works.
    Clip of the issue here when toggling the Collidz INTAKE on and off:

  4. QUICK UPDATE ON MY NOTE EARLIER dated 23/03/22:
    Blinksonic/Sylvain Stoppani contacted me and stated:

    Sorry but you own a copy of a digital product, meaning that you will still have the opportunity to make it run.

    I interpret this as: ‘its a digital download and if it doesn’t work then its your problem, tough’

    I note that Stoppani has a reputation for this behaviour as evidenced in forums online. Given he is now charging 129 euros be aware that it is at your own risk and he’ll offer no refund and limited support.

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