Dropping Acid With The Softpop 2 ‘Radical Subtractive Synth’

Perfect Circuit shared this hands-on demo of the Bastl Instruments Softpop SP2, described as “a radical subtractive synth under the influence of unconventional digital control”.

In the video, Perfect Circuit’s ‘Patch Pals’ Wes and Jacob take a light-hearted look into the Softpop 2, a unique synthesizer with a fully analog signal path, 37 patch points & a light orb ‘for psychedelic inspiration’. They follow with a variety of audio demos, dropping some acid along the way.

For a full overview and tutorial on the Softpop 2, see the video below:

The Softpop 2 is available now via Perfect Circuit and other retailers. See the Bastl site for more info.

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