Behringer Intros Space FX Multi-FX Eurorack Module

Behringer has introduced Space FX, a 24-bit digital stereo effects module for Eurorack systems.

The Behringer Space FX features 32 effect algorithms, with up to 3 adjustable parameters. The effects include: 15 reverb types including rooms, chambers, halls, plates, and springs; 8 different delay and modulation effects including echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo; as well as special effects such as pitch shifter, talkbox, LFO filter, and clipper distortion.

Space FX also includes combinations of the different effect types for further sonic manipulation. While the module does not offer any modulation inputs, a tap button lets you manually sync delays and other time-based effects.

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer Space FX is expected to retail for $49 USD. The company says that “As soon as we receive the chips required to put this into production, SPACE FX will ship immediately.”this video.

37 thoughts on “Behringer Intros Space FX Multi-FX Eurorack Module

  1. It feels like they set out to answer the question, โ€œHow do you make a dead simple eurorack design concept look like a confusing turd?โ€ This thing is incredibly ugly.

    1. Same dull comments every time. There are currently 108 Behringer synth/analogue synth products for sale on Thomann. They started in 2016

      1. You cant just go to Thomann, type in Behringer and paste the “EQUIPMENT” count. You’d be counting guitar pedals and cables, speakers and mixers. At least filter it by “SOUND MODULES” and you get about…… 26. All that energy spent diminishing me could have been spent doing accurate research that took me less than 3 mins.

      2. If you count the different colors of td-3, deepmind 6/12/dekstop and 2600 colors/versions as one they currently have 11.
        All others expected in january 27

  2. I guess it can be more convenient than connecting a pedal to a eurorack system but a modular module with no modular connection is somewhat, well, boring… but anything from boringer that is not a simple knockoff (like the FM one they just publish) is a step in the right direction. I guess… It is stereo…
    Another boring product from boringer but they know their market ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. what’s the point of a fx module in eurorack, even at this cheap price, that does not have clock input (ok theres a tap tempo but….) and no cv modulation

  4. Great stuff really. Eurorack is quiet expensive and intimidating for people wanting to jump in so this will be a good opportunity to check it out without breaking the bank. People that try it and stay for the long run will opt to get other more complicated and expensive modules (Instruo, Make Noise, Erica Synths etc) once they learn basics with the Behringer ones.

    1. How does this particular module provide any opportunity to “check out” Eurorack – other than the size of the faceplate and the ribbon connector for power? As noted many times above, the module has no CV control of anything, which is the hallmark of modular synthesizers, including Eurorack – the ability to patch the signal and control to suit your needs. This is an FX pedal without a chassis, which is fine, but it’s not some kind of cost-effective intro to Eurorack…

    2. Well, it is in eurorack format but there is no “modular connections” so it’s unfortunately not really a “modular module”

  5. At that price one canโ€™t even be arsed to take a swipe at Behringer. Through a more critical lens, a smaller HP would be nice considering the lack of cv control.

  6. I thought the lack of CV seemed strange too then I saw that it is $49! For $49 you get a eurorack module with digital display. This is a very inexpensive reverb that is a good stepping stone for new budget minded Euroracks users. This was not designed for hardcore Eurorack guys. The more new Eurorack users we get into the hobby the better. I don’t get all the hate. No one is requiring anyone to buy this module.

    1. ‘Budget minded eurorack users’ – who are these people and what do they have in their systems? An unmodulated reverb and a macro oscillator from Behringer? If you don’t have $4000 to spend on a modular system then you’re kind of crazy to even start – just buy a semi-modular and an effects pedal and save yourself the headache and have a ton of fun.

      This isn’t gatekeeping elitism – eurorack IS expensive, inherently – especially analog – trying to get into it on the cheap is a pointless waste of time that will likely result in the waste of money, not saving it.

  7. I find it amusing that people are jumping on its appearance as much as the real issues, like the lack of clock and CV inputs. How pretty does this kind of module have to be? Most of them are black or uniformly neutral colors. Its not like painting a skateboard. Besides, you won’t get to argue over it for real until 2027, right?

  8. Anyone who thinks a $50 FX unit in eurorack format is a bad thing is speaking from a position of privilege. At some point the cost of any product needs to come down to find more customers, and existing ones get more options. Welcome to capitalism, in case this is your first week on the planet.

    1. I scrounged my entire synth rig from the used market, so no privilege here. It is completely possible for a $50 effects unit to be a piece of low quality junk. Something is not good simply because it is cheap.

    2. And we all know capitalism has no downside (oh wait the planet is literally on fire and there’s never been a greater divide between rich and poor in the entire history of our existence)

    3. The HP this thing will take up is more valuable than $50. It has nothing to do with privilege, but rather quite the opposite, as people who can only afford smaller systems have to be very careful about how they are using the space in their racks.

    4. There are loads of people making affordable Eurorack – the problem is that ‘affordable eurorack’ is still expensive – because it’s small-run electronics – and people still insist that it’s still too expensive. It’s not privelage its reality – go and price up the BOM for a VCO yourself on Mouser and let us know how cheap you can get it.

      A massive company sticking a faceplate on a $5 DSP doesn’t make eurorack more accessible.

  9. These are some terrible effects in the demo. Tbh, I can’t remember a brand putting out something more unuseful… the reverb and delay especially are extremely boring, the way they blend with the sound is just bad. Any stock plugin would do a better job.

  10. if you’re only using effects for end of chain this probably isn’t the best option, if you need a cheap reverb/delay for the middle of your patch this could be useful at $49. of course it would be nice to have some cv control but there are existing options for that if you want to spend the extra cash

  11. This site really does shill for Behringer, I know you have said otherwise in the past, but it’s true. Why am I not seeing any of the other countless Eurorack module releases getting posts? You are pot stirrers. You know Behringer will generate clicks and comments and revenue. BUT is that best serving the synth community? Not without the same amount of representation for other companies. Oberheim had a new teaser come out today- why is that not posted here? You get what I’m saying? You do WAY too much for Behringer.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      While you may think that Synthtopia ‘shills’ for Behringer, others think that we’re Behringer haters.

      Behringer is a very controversial company. Covering them, even in a dispassionate way, still triggers very different opinions in some readers.

      But they have as many synths on the market as anyone, they sell a ton of synths, they’re introducing a ton of new synths, and this news is of huge interested to synthesists.

      Regarding the new Oberheim teaser – there’s, unfortunately, no meat to it.

      We covered their initial teaser (, and we’ll cover teasers and sneak previews when they think that they have something of interest to the synth community. But we don’t generally cover series of teasers, because their more marketing than news.

      As always, though, if you think there’s news that Synthtopia has missed, we encourage you to share it via the Feedback link. It’s on the top of every page of this site for a reason, and lots of our coverage comes from reader and manufacturer feedback.

  12. If you count the different colors of td-3, deepmind 6/12/dekstop and 2600 colors/versions as one they currently have 11.
    All others expected in january 27

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