New Vocoder For Reason

Reason Studios has introduced BV-X Multimode Vocoder, described as ‘a modern take on the classic vocoder effect’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“BV-X Multimode Vocoder is a new Effect that makes the classic vocoding sound accessible.

The built-in powerful synthesizer is custom-made for the vocoder and allows producers to get a great result with just a few simple steps. Enabling Auto Play means you don’t have to play any MIDI notes—BV-X will track along with your voice.”


  • Vintage and Modern mode for both crunchy classic vocoding and unsurpassed precision and clarity
  • Built-in synthesizer for simple set-up and a great sound
  • Powerful modulation matrix for dynamic vocoding and creative sound design
  • Tailor-made effects for production, vocal twisting, and special effects
  • CV and audio inputs and outputs connect to other devices in the Reason Rack
  • 150+ patches included

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

BV-X Multimode Vocoder is available for $99 in the Reason Studios shop as a Rack Extension add-on for the Reason DAW and Reason Rack Plugin (VST, AU, AAX).

13 thoughts on “New Vocoder For Reason

  1. They will never update that DAW. I used to love reason and exploring its patchability, not its just modules to help you not have to make any music and new devices to compliment sales since their DAW is not a VST. As for the DW, no love. Once i used a different DAW (besides FL studio), I finally realized what was holding me back and that was audio editing and creative arranging. Yes, you can do these things in Reason, but…it just sucks. The timeline is small, the editing tools are basic, the piano roll is 2001 Reason. I just cant bring myself to use a DAw as a VST, simplier is better for me. Reason is like that girl you used to like but couldn’t be in a relationship with. The Rack is like consensual sex with no commitments. There will be some problems down the line.

  2. Is this not included with Reason 12 Studio? Aren’t things like this supposed to be included as they are released?

  3. “BV-X”

    Tell me no woman was involved in this product release without telling me no woman was involved in this product release.

  4. Not sure if anyone really needed/wanted another Vocoder in Reason (there was already BV512) but it seems pretty good if overpriced. I like Reason but I cant help but feel there should be other properties like VST3 and improving the DAW workflow.

      1. Yup, the plugin vst effect and instrument is awesome. All the benefits of Live or Cubase or whatever DAW you use, and reason rack.

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