Befaco Unveils AC/DC Eurorack Audio Interface At Superbooth 2022

Befaco, in collaboration with Rebel Technology, has introduced a new module this week at Superbooth 2022, AC/DC.

AC/DC is an open source, DIY-friendly DC-coupled 4×4 channel audio interface in Eurorack format. The module is based in the new Rebel tech hardware platform (codename Xibeca) that provides 4 channels in and out at 16 bit 48Khz.

The module also has a USB audio interface.

AC/DC is 6 HP and 40 mm deep, and the company says it is perfect for performance and travel rigs. The module also provides compatibility with the OWL platform to expand the module functionalities,

Pricing and Availability

The Befaco AC/DC module is currently in production and will be released early June. AC/DC is now open for pre-orders and is priced at 300€+TAX (~360€) for the assembled module (170€+TAX (~210€) for the DIY kit.)

You can find more information and user manual following on the Befaco website.


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