Sounds Of The New Oberheim OB-X8

Sound designer Paul Schilling shared this demo of some of his patches for the new Oberheim OB-X8 synthesizer.

Schilling was one of the sound designers that created patches for the new OB-X8.

This demo features a wide range of sounds, including recreations of a lot of iconic Oberheim sounds, along with with new sounds that showcase various aspects of the new synths.

Oberheim officially introduced the OB-X8 at Superbooth 2022. The OB-X8 is a new synth that they say combines the three different voice architectures of the classic OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 synths into a single instrument. As a result, the Oberheim OB-X8 is more than a reissue, it’s a new Oberheim design that offers broader synthesis options and expressive capabilities than its predecessors.

Check out the audio demo and share your thoughts on the OB-X8 in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Sounds Of The New Oberheim OB-X8

  1. Sound nice, any rumors about a desktop version? [Similar to Prophet-5]

    I would have a hard-time trying to push-in such a big keyboard.

  2. great sound – i felt what i felt when i got my OBXa in 1984. but i also felt why i sold it a couple of years later: it sounds quite the same all the time. startling.

  3. IMHO, for 50 Benjamins, it seems like the OB-X8 should have more knobs and buttons.
    The amount of panel controls should be more like a Waldorf Q or Alesis Andromeda.

  4. That’s the best demo I’ve heard so far. It shows depth that’s missing elsewhere. I smell a lot of Page 2 going on in several patches. Its more than I would expect of such a deceptively basic design. Oh boy, now I can start whining for a module version! The keyboard proper is dazzling, though, ain’t it?

  5. Not impressed by this demo. It doesn’t scream to me – buy me now…
    Behringer nock off above sounds better, has better specs and better price.
    Actually, I’ll stick to virtual plug-in instead and save few grand as well.
    In the content of the song, no one will tell the difference anyway

    1. Yeah whatever go ahead & be like that wallowin’ in the shallow end of plug-in bliss thanx for the awareness reminder?!

    2. i never heard a synth that screamed at me, yet alone “buy me now” 🙂 i prefer to try it on my own after i read the manual.
      for me getting a sound i like out of an instrument is my job.
      the latest berhinger demos sounded light weight and a little irritating in comparison to the new oberheim demos but maybe this is the operators fault,
      maybe this is what you like?

    1. it’s just one demo, this synth can do allot more but “crispy 80’s” is more or less the definition of what people who into this are looking for.

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