24 thoughts on “Donner B1 Analog Bassline Synth Hands-On Demo

  1. Good price, sounds decent, especially with a with a good kybd controller but in the end it’s tooo chiner for me stickin’ with the Kurz for bass have yet to find another that can beat it.This one’s as close as anything new that’s out there & there’s alot available these days folks

      1. Kurz is made in S Korea I use it for deep sub bass, most people are unaware of these/this capability(s)& yes I’m aware that the B1 is a chinese clone of the best D&B machine ever(TB-303) which I have bank of,sampled sounds made with SMP-K amazing stuff enhanced with V.A.S.T. but I must say the price of the donner is very attractive for roughly $170 bucks, then again that’s what’s mean’t by ‘to chiner for me’ anymore questions peace dude.

    1. What does “toooo chiner” mean? I’ve never heard that adjective before. And what Kurzweil do you have that sounds like a 303?

      1. Can ya read?! I said I have a bank of samples of the TB-303. Sampled with SMP-K (the sampling option of the Kurz) from the TB-303. Is that in plain enough English for ya anymore questions dude

        1. Trey- I should ask you the same question! If you took the time to look, I asked my question at 1:41pm 5.26. You didn’t reply to rearview mirror until 2:25pm. So, YES, “dude” – I can read. And I have a Kurzweil K2000S, so I’m more than familiar with the VAST architecture and sampling.

          1. Well goody gumdrops, that’s just splendid, wonder’s never cease, hope springs eternal & great for you. Sounded like to me that u were questioning what Kurz had that sound of the TB-303 and simply explained that clearly (again in plain English mind u) I apologize if my reply was the slightest bit obstinate but I had just gotten off my day gig where I had been reprimanded for +xt’n on the job didn’t mean to sound condescendant. I have been a recent victim of gear theft from my home and are a little bit thinned skinned as of late. Only have a few pieces of gear left (K2kSv.3, S-10 & TR-505) because they were in the shop at the time of the burglary (Thank God!) So please excuse me if I came off as a bit combative. I believe time heals all wounds and life goes on. I’m trying to hang loose hope you will tooo & keep on keeping on no condolences necessary everything’s ok… I was thinkin’ maybe I could use the Donner B1 to control the TB-303 sampled sounds in the Kurz might do a better job than the TR-505 does & for that price it could work in conjunction with the Roland to get sort of a crossbeat thing goin’ anything u care to add would be greatly appreciated peace & thanx dude

  2. Nice if you want that 303 sound and there is already the Behringer 303 for and also the UNO synth which is far more powerful goes for about the same. Good to see more choose in the cheap analogue end of the market.

  3. Here’s an absolutely fantastic free 303 emulator:

    So you can get the synth free from Sweden or for $160 from China, an oppressive regime that wholly supports Russia’s war and war crimes in Ukraine.

    Donner’s parent company Rantion are based in Guandong, China.
    They opened a branch in Hong Kong in 2018.

    In 2018 China outlawed the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party.
    On 28 May 2020, China’s National People’s Congress approved the controversial national security laws for Hong Kong, which aim at cracking down protests and ban “any acts or activities” that the communist government considers to endanger China’s national security. The critics have called this new legislation a “killer blow” to Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms. The legislation allows the government’s national security agencies to operate in Hong Kong.
    On 11 March 2021, China’s National People’s Congress approved the controversial electoral laws for Hong Kong, which aims to ensure a system of “patriots governing Hong Kong”. The reforms expanded the number of seats in the Legco and Chief Executive Election Committee, but reduces the number of directly democratically-elected seats. Hong Kong Government officials and pro-establishment figures have hailed the reforms as a way to shut out “anti-China” forces from the political structure whereas the pro-democracy camp in Hong Kong criticised the reforms as a “major regression” in democracy.

    The UK sort of did the right thing in 1997 by handing back Hong Kong to China.
    At that point Hong Kong was a democracy with freedom of speech.

    However much promised, economic ties do not bring about meaningful changes to oppressive, autocratic regimes.
    Don’t do business with China if you value democracy and free speech.

    1. Excellent contribution to the comments. I lived in Guangdong for many years and I must say the people are fantastic…the government, well, that’s another story. Totally sucks what they’re doing to HK, my favorite city and a piece of normalcy outside the mainland,
      Go with an Uno.

      1. That doesn’t make sense, the Guangdong people should be miserable, not really ‘fantastic’, if what you said about their government is true. On the other hand, I see so many miserable people here in the West while the governments are being lauded as the best in the world.

      1. music is inherently political. that’s why its been relevent to the discourse for 10,000 years

    2. Why are you spreading political propaganda on a synth forum? We have far more stringent national security laws in the West (also Japan), and we are talking about death sentence!

      1. See my previous comment to you about over-simplification.
        By all means compare some western regimes to China’s but do so in a meaningful way.

        I did back up my political comment with evidence.
        When the UK handed back Hong Kong it was under the agreement that there be no changes to the population’s freedoms for 50 years.

        My comment was also tied to this product release because of Rantion’s expansion into Hong Kong.

  4. Uh last time I checked Roland, Yamaha etc..(I don’t include korg they wouldn’t be! without the big Y) are made in Japan based on patents we (U.S.A.) let them have access tooo [the least we could do for dropping two atomic bombs on’em, among other things] chiner is copying (tryin’ tooo) the enconomic model set forth by the Japs via & in relationship to HongKong which Great Britain relinquished that’s when the trouble started. The Chinese have longtime bone to pick with Japan for Imperializing’em (pre WWII) & envying their encomic success and would love nothin’ more than to take them over and if weren’t f or us (U.S.A.) they would’ve a long time ago just like they want to do with Taiwan cause of their manufacturing prosperity (just like the Russians are trying to do with Ukraine) & they couldn’t wait to get their hooks into HongKong for the same reasons please people don’t be foolish like the British were to let HongKong go chinese food is amazing but that’s about it when it comes to chiner & Chinese Americans would not disagree folks

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