The Synthesizer’s Greatest Hits Poster

Synth Evolution has introduced two new Greatest Hits of Synth posters – in royal blue and racing green.

They call the poster “A stunning compliment to your studio and talking point in a home setting.”

The new edition is silkscreened onto high quality 270gsm paper. The design features 99 of the most iconic and interesting synths of the 20th century. The design includes a selection of drum machines, such as the Roland TR-808, TR-909, LinnDrum and samplers such as the NED Synclavier II, Fairlight CMI, Akai S1000 and Ensoniq Mirage.

Each synth is accompanied by a short description explaining it’s importance. The synthesis type is indicated for each synth, along with maximum polyphony and numbers of oscillators per voice.

Pricing and Availability

The Synthesizer’s Greatest Hits poster is available now for £35.00.

8 thoughts on “The Synthesizer’s Greatest Hits Poster

  1. the beringer ub-1 is certainly not the “most iconic, important and interesting”
    i will not be surprised if it was never exist.

    1. stuff is too small to read – would rather have black on yellow – fake blueprinty is ugly.

      the ‘UB-1’ is a silly name; I can’t stand folks naming shit after themselves. it’s lame. however, as the mini synth UB-1 might be pretty cool to play with eventually, I’m waiting on a HiroTron.

      1. you can zoom in at their website.
        as for beringer it’s all probably another pathetic adverting story to make it look like he have “synths in his history”, only one pictures with photoshop white background, presumably “lost during factory move”, ya right 🙂
        i guess they choose this name so it would seems like something a 16 years old will call it’s first “self built synth”?
        the newer (yet to exist) “ub-1” (spirit) name is based on the ub-xa

        1. I don’t really care if he built a synth; I built a synth in my early teens from perf board, erector sets, TV parts from the dump – pots, switches, caps, resistors, etc…, digikey semiconductors, and PAIA schematics from Popular Electronics I xeroxed at the library. It was ugly, sounded wicked, but I didn’t name it <- that's the part that's stupid to me; naming shit. when I was naming my projects at work, it was always a short alphanumeric code to waylay the project code name monkeys by getting it on documentation before they ever got involved.

            1. I think it’s all just marketing nonsense idolizing someone. seems like this industry needs heros and acclaim for some reason.

              1. i wanted to buy this poster for a friend who likes all this classic instruments and related merch but he also dislike beringer. i guess he could put a sticker on the fabricated part of the story…
                i would get him one of the other posters but i can’t zoom in enough to check if there is nothing beringer there 🙂

  2. Hi all, it’s Oli here from Synth Evolution; I’m the designer behind the poster under discussion here. Thanks for all your thoughts, I understand the points made.. and in an effort to address them (and to take @gadi’s great idea seriously!) – I’m happy to offer any customer a colour-matched sticker* to be placed on the poster. I think it will feature a Buchla Touché; seems a solid choice! Get in touch via if you’re a new or previous customer and would like one! (*colour matching as close as possible..) Cheers, Oli

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