First Modular Fest Zaragoza Being Held This Weekend

The first Modular Fest – a free festival dedicated to modular synthesizers – is happening this weekend in Zaragoza, Spain.

Modular Fest, being held Sept 17, 2022, is the first festival dedicated to lovers of analog and modular synthesizers in Zaragoza.

Through an eclectic program of ambient, experimental and IDM music, Modular Fest offers a journey through the world of modular synthesis technology, with some of the most renowned modular artists in Spain.

The festival will also allow you to get closer to artists and synths, thanks to an introductory workshop for those new to modular, and a meeting with the Spanish Eurorack manufacturer 333Modules.

Featured artists will include Nacho Roman, Antony Maubert, Amsia and Dead Whistle.

Details are available at the Músicas Abiertas site.

Details in Spanish:

Modular Fest es el primer festival dedicado a los amantes de los sintetizadores analógicos y modulares en Zaragoza.

A través de una programación ecléctica desde la musica ambient, experimental o IDM, Modular Fest propone un viaje por el mundo de la tecnología de la síntesis modular con unos de los artistas más reconocidos de España.

El festival también te permitirá acercarte a los artistas y los sintes gracias a un taller de iniciación dirigido a todos los curiosos con o sin experiencia musical, y un encuentro con el fabricante español 333Modules.

inscripción taller:

via Antony Maubert

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    1. They look like the AJH lineup – pretty sure the 2nd – 5th module is the AJH Synth Minimod VCF, a minimoog filter, with knob caps and jacks photoshopped golden (you could “mod” it to look like that of course).

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